Welcome Friday with a glowing smile Aquarius, knowing that the weekend is close at hand. Happiness can be found when you stop comparing yourself to people and today, Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson will give you a reason to be really happy. She has compiled your daily horoscope for Aquarius, so let’s check it out:

What to expect

Compromise is not about losing Aquarius. It’s about deciding that the other person has just as much right as you do, to be happy. Today, obstinacy has settled in during your talks with someone and you’re wondering how he/she could be so selfish.

Before you make other hasty assumptions, put yourself in their shoes and honestly ask yourself, whether you would be happy with the offer that you proposed. If it’s no, then be flexible, but if it’s yes, try to break them down a bit more.

Sometimes, when you’re too comfortable in a relationship, you start taking things for granted Aquarius. But today, the stars are warning you not to become too complacent with a loved one. He/she is sensible enough to know when you’re not putting in as much effort as before and wise enough to know that someone else, will. Before your happiness is rudely snatched away from you, brush up and let your darling know that you are the luckiest person to have them. Then, sweep them off their feet for a night on the town or a romantic date night.

You are your own worst enemy Aquarius. Your fear often stops you from trying something different, that might actually be for your own good. Today you’re thinking about wooing the one you love, but once again, you’re afraid to act because you’re scared of rejection. Look at it this way: if he/she responds well, then you can shimmy back home and if they’re not interested, you can shimmy to the club next door and perfect your game plan for someone else.

At least you would have had the guts to try so man up and go get your love bug!

How to get through your day

You are planning your next strategy today and are totally lost in your own thoughts Aquarius. Loved ones think you’re upset with them and friends think you’re ignoring them. Oh, brother! Take a few minutes from your hectic schedule to reassure everyone that you’re fine and will be spending time with them soon.

A stitch in time saves nine and you would have just avoided an emotional tantrum when you reached home.

Thanks so much for checking us out for your daily horoscope for Aquarius. We can’t wait to enlighten you again on Saturday, so please continue to share your reading with your family and friends on social media (Facebook; Twitter etc.) and make the rest of this day a great one!