Welcome to today’s daily FinanceScope for Leo! Astrologer Megan Wilson communes with the stars to hear what they have to say about your past and future. Read on to find the answers to your most pressing questions on how you should handle the problems in your life.

What to expect

Decisions you face today will be life-altering. Be wise. The stars alone will not be able to guide you on to the right path, so open yourself up to your intuition. Listening to that internal voice is the only way you can be sure that you are going to end up going in the right direction.

An open spirit will help you solve your current problems. To those friends born under the ascendant of Capricorn, your virtues are manifold, so is there any need to change?

Remove yourself from any pettiness and stress in your vicinity. This is always most difficult without access to easy cash, but the flight is still possible. There are many affordable ways to access a quick change of scene. Just start moving. Put away your checkbook and head out in some direction or other.

You need the advice of a trained financial consultant to get your finances back into the correct gear. Admit your faults and do what needs to be done. Now is not the moment to be taking risks which will invite further financial disaster into your life.

Some steps may have to be taken to allow for a reallocation of funds, whether it is scratching out small expenses, scrapping the usual treats of taking out from certain columns in your budget small sums of money to put towards urgent expenses. The professional you consult with can help advise you in this regard. You will find that it is worth the short-term sacrifice.

How to get through your day

You may prize having control, but sometimes things are out of your hands. This is particularly uncomfortable when you must make a major choice that will affect things well into the future. To get through your day, Leo, you need to tap into your inner self. Allowing your intuition to open up to what is happening in your life will enable you to chart a surer course.

Today possibilities are opening up in several directions, and you face the difficult task of narrowing down which will be most aligned with your purpose. Do not be impatient with yourself.

Take the time needed to consider where you want to go from here. If you begin to feel like the walls are closing in on you, it may be a chance to take a break and remove yourself from the stressful situation. You will see your way forward soon. Just break free of the constrictions around you and allow for the outrageous. Indulging in something that pleases you will relax your mind and enable you to make that crucial decision.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Leo. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, don’t forget to come back soon for more updates on your horoscope and feel free to share on social media. Have a great day!