Welcome to today’s daily FinanceScope for Gemini! Astrologer Megan Wilson looks to the stars to answer your questions on the past and future. Read on to find out more about what you should do to tackle the challenges you face today.

What to expect

When you find yourself in a financial hole, start digging. That's good advice, to a point. You are starting to feel so far under you will never shovel yourself out. You will, though, and sooner than you imagine.

Being calm and patient is definitely a virtue, Gemini, but do not overdo it as now is the time to act.

Sitting around when you should be doing what you can to stem the flood will lead to regrets. Your tendency to beat around the bush may cause you to miss a few opportunities. Those born in the first decade should remember one important thing: being distant doesn't make you superior. Refusing to reveal one's own intentions will not make you popular.

You have been thinking about making a major purchase recently, perhaps a new car or motor bike. Now is a good time to pursue this option, so take today to consider your options. Your financial aspects are positive, so go in for the model that you have been hoping for.

How to get through your day

Are you still trying to fool yourself that everything is ok?

Assuming everything will work out on its own can be dangerous. You may be feeling restless but are not sure why. This is because of what you are repressing. Acknowledging your struggles is the first step towards overcoming them. You can't get out of a mess you aren't even willing to admit you are in. It is time to take things in hand.

Grapple with your problems one by one.

You will get through the storm faster than you think. Your circumstances may seem dire, Gemini, but this ongoing struggle is one you will eventually win. To get through your day, Gemini, dig deep to find the strength required and start working on a solution to the most urgent problem in your life.

The time to take action is upon you, you can no longer ignore what is happening.

Do not miss your chance to fix things before they get too far out of hand. Waiting will no longer help, nothing is improving and your direct involvement and active interference is now called for. You may need to bring someone else in for the benefit of their outside perspective. Not everything has to be handled on your own.

Brainstorm with a friend who is aware of your situation about possible ways of handling matters. You must be more serious about your prospects and the options you have access to. Narrow down your choices and decide on your route going forward. Some of your plans will finally fall into place over the next few weeks.

So that at least will be one worry off your shoulders.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Gemini. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, check back again soon for more updated information on your horoscope. Thank you for visiting, and have a great day.