A person born under the sign of rat is often constant in both words and deeds. While others may move and welcome change on a regular basis; for someone like you with this sign, this is not the case. You will find that you hold fast to tradition and their core values and practices. At times this will cause you to miss out on relationships, change careers or perhaps a new experience. However, as you make choices based on careful deliberation you will find that your interaction with the world is one that is suitable for your pace and expectation of life.

Read on to see what the stars have in store for you today for your daily Chinese horoscope for rat.

What to expect

You have excellent financial luck today. Close friends and relative are excited for you but others a jealous and weary of your good luck. You will feel the urge to spend wildly and engage in new found activities, yet you will retain the bulk of your fortune for better investment and rainy days. Your interests will be pulled in many directions away from your usual points of curiosity. It seems that a trip to a museum and or artistic center will leave you yearning for more. Someone of interest could enter your social circle.

How to get through your day

Be patient with the people around you.

You will feel above the crowd and not interested in the minute details of everyone else’s life — particularly as you now have new topics to think about. However, err on the side of caution as not everyone will feel your sense of fulfillment and joy. Be thankful for everything that you have suddenly gained as it has propelled you into a new stage of life.

Loved ones will be there for support as well as encouragement, so don’t leave them out of any new decision making.

Love and Relationships: A sensuous encounter will leave you confounded today. Your skin pricks and your mind and heart will not find a steady pace. You will feel as if the world has slipped from under you and lost for words and actions to follow.

Be alert as they will have this same feeling when meeting- you must be the one to bring reality to the circumstance. If you are not cautious in this regard you may be swept away and lost with them for a very long time.

Career: While you have always tried to be conservative in your choices where your career is concerned, a sudden infatuation has you wanting to change everything that you have worked for. To you, this is your oasis and you will not sleep or the idea will stray too far away from you. Thankfully you will give this much deliberation and seek the counsel of persons who have been wise in helping you with major tasks in life.

Some advice for today, think before you act. While being impulsive can be rewarding you will not feel at ease with yourself unless you think things through properly.

That’s it for today’s daily Chinese Horoscope Rat. Have a wonderful day and return again tomorrow.