The Chinese symbol Ox often represents people who are steadfast, determined and resilient within all aspects of their lives. A person born under this sign will tend to find themselves in the same circumstance or situation for a much longer period of time than others (other-person of the same age, stage, gender etc.). Knowing the difference between determination and time for change, they often remove any chaos that is likely to upset their delicate balance of time and life. Learn more about your Daily Chinese Horoscope for Ox.

What to Expect

Expect many hours of tension and anxious waiting.

A project possibly both personal and professional is near completion. You are on the edge of your seat awaiting its final decision. It reminds you of a woman going into labor and your inability to assist in any real manner. You should stand your ground and be good at waiting and having patience. Many will be with you who do not necessarily know how to be appropriate at such a time. Be calm. This too shall pass.

How to get through your day

While many will be happy if you give in to the temptation that is before you. Don't do it. You have worked too hard and too long to lose it now as success is on the horizon. Dig in deep and don’t be swayed by the whims of others. Look to the guidance of elders or persons with positions of trust in your life.

This will ensure that you have balanced decision-making techniques available to you at all times.

Love and Relationships: You are inherently a friendly person with a kind and caring disposition. As a result you make friends quite easily but you often take your time before determining whether or not you can let someone close to your heart.

As a result your relationships often follow the same routine and there is little room for change. Today luckily this will work out well for you. Someone who has been your friend and confidant for years will be seen in a new light to you. Go for it. They have little been all their life for you to come around.

Career: This project has been arduous and challenging.

Both teams have been trying to get this right for a long time and finally it has been approved and you can forward with this. Colleagues will be excited to celebrate in the evening and you should join them for a change. Someone can get on your last and finest nerve endings today- don’t pay them any heed they mean no harm and it is possibly part of their natural charm and charisma.

If you want some advice for today, stay steady on the path ahead of you. Great things lay ahead for those who are patient and willing to succeed.

That’s it for today’s daily Chinese Horoscope Ox! Hope this reading was enlightening- look out for tomorrow!