In today’s daily Chinese Horoscope for Tiger, let’s talk about being more self-assured. The Tiger is a brave and strong character. However, Tigers sometimes keep much on the inside and can find it problematic to let their stress go. They are spontaneous and tend to act without caution, moving from one area to another in an effort to either divert themselves or find new experiences. However, this is an exhilarating occurrence that their loved one looks forward to. As a Tiger, you are adept at achieving striking feats from time to time, as long as you keep a mindful view of how others see your actions.

What to expect

Feeling adventurous today? Suddenly you feel inclined to take a trip, to go somewhere exotic, or somewhere that you have never been before. Don’t fight the feeling -- embrace it and build upon it. Relish this sudden drive and look to achieve it. The world is a big place and you are not wrong for wanting to explore it. Maybe a close friend or family member has some expertise in this area. Whatever new venture you feel compelled to try, today is the right day for it.

How to get through your day

To get through your day today, be cautious. While you may feel a sudden drive to do new and exciting things don’t make rash or clandestine decisions that you may regret afterward. Use all the research tools at your disposal to determine a logical way forward in any venture that you currently have in mind.

Also, don’t keep this new and exciting information to yourself. While you may be carried away in the moment you wouldn’t want to unwittingly upset someone who cares deeply for you. Communication is key, particularly with the people closest to you.

Love and Romance

You both feel the same way on this topic -- it just isn’t working out.

While you love your sweetheart deeply you just have not been in sync and you do not even want to try to figure things out. There is no point dragging this out and hurting each other at this point. However, if you are willing to try something new like therapy or a move away things can speedily turn around. Whatever you decide, things cannot remain the way they currently are, as it's draining for both you and the one that you love.


Today at work you miss the connection and the camaraderie that you had with a co-worker who no longer works there or has moved to another department. Fond memories assail you and while you try getting along with your new partner, you can’t stop feeling nostalgic for times gone by. This is not a problem and there is nothing wrong with you. If you look around you will notice that many share similar sentiments and have the same ache that you do. Cheer up, someone may come by to visit soon and it will definitely put a smile on your face.

Some advice for today is to choose wisely. There are many things that bombard us on a daily basis. Make wise decisions that will only have positive effects on you and the ones that you love.

That’s it for today daily horoscope for Tiger. I hope it was insightful. Have a fantastic day!