In today's daily Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit, let's talk about dealing with challenges. People born under this sign live wonderful and calm lives. They symbolize polish and poise, grace, wisdom, and kindness. Often prone to mood swings, rabbits at times give the appearance of irrelevance towards others. Finance and business related matters are lucrative and lucky for the Rabbit.

What to expect

Are you technologically advanced or do your loathe new gadgets? Whatever your preference, know that today you are bound to be bombarded with it. From cell phones to Artificially Intelligent gadgets, dishwashers and more your day are bound to be an interesting one.

Many items will prove problematic as you try to maneuver the day but don't be too worried by the evening period you should get the hang of it all. Nothing will be able to stop you are you really found new ways to work out the kinks.

How to get through your day

Feeling frustrated by the mundane challenges of the day? Worried about how to face tomorrow? Have no fear- you are going to come out on top of it all. Keep trying; you know where you are supposed to be. While the current challenges may seem unnecessary at best and unfair, use this as new opportunities for learning and gain. These are the scenarios that weed out the leaders from the pack, take advantage of it and show your grit. The promise of a brighter day is on the horizon.

Love and Relationships: A new romantic interest is slowly working their way into your heart and that of your family. Be careful as your loved one may be so infatuated that they may seek to set the wedding date before they tell you anything about it. Remember, you should creep before you run- a gentle reminder of this to both sets of conspirators should get things back on the right track.

Career: Where do you go from here? You have invested so much time, energy, hope, and love into this organization. You want to be there so badly that at times it hurts. Sadly things just aren't going your way today nor were they yesterday. Keep focused and continue to do the best that you can. It will turn out for the best in the end.

Trying brushing up on your current skill set and getting some new ones- you will need these for the future.

Some advice for today is to embrace change- it heralds the way to new and promising possibilities.

That's it for today's daily Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit. Hope this was insightful and that you visit again for tomorrow's Chinese Horoscope!