In today’s Daily Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit, let’s talk about your growing self-confidence. The Rabbit symbolizes good manners, grace, wisdom and kindness. People born under the sign are well spoken and will have a quiet, peaceful and congenial life. Rabbits are prone to mood swings and can sometimes give the appearance of indifference towards others. In business and financial transactions, the Rabbit is incredibly lucky. As a Rabbit, you love art and have excellent judgment skills. You’re reserved and meticulous, with the ability to shine in fields of law and politics.

The stars have an important message for you today. Read on.

What to expect

Today, you have a high level of self-confidence. You’re enjoying good physical health, and you're capable of lifting and moving mountains. Luck will follow you in your various undertakings. You can expect an entirely unforeseen entrance of money into your life. Old grievances concerning your mate will surface, so take the bull by the horns.

You will be enabled by your ardor and enthusiasm to set up large-scale projects. On the sentimental plane, beware of your tendency to take your desires for realities. Your hearing might be slightly disturbed. When it comes to your friendships, you can expect to have warm and cordial relations.

The stars warn that you should beware of stock exchange or real estate operations during this day because you won’t be able to count on luck in this matter.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, be humble and receptive to others’ opinions and way of doing things. It’s wise to delay asking for a change of service or workplace.

Try to forget a dispute with an intimate friend, and be willing to rebuilding broken bridges. Be honest and liquidate this conflict once and for all by recognizing that you too have a role to play in this situation.

It’s a fantastic day for making new friends and developing new long-term goals. You may have an inspired idea for helping someone in trouble.

Don’t let worries about what other people think to influence your actions. You should take steps to protect your ears against excessive noise levels.

Take note overall

Overall, your self-confidence is one of the key elements to your personal success. However, don’t let yourself get overly-confident -- exercise caution wherever necessary.

Thank you for reading today’s Daily Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit. Hope you’ve enjoyed, and be sure to check out your horoscope for tomorrow.