In today’s daily Chinese Horoscope for Dog, Astrologers beckon the stars to bring guidance and a Reality Check. Keep reading as we engage you to find out more.

What to expect

General: Check one! Check two! You need to get a reality check from a friend and not just any friend. It should be that friend who is so deep and honest that when finished you feel a sense of vigor. Today is a great day to book travel plans to that destination that you have been saving for since last year. Seek to edify yourself by pursuing higher education today also reconnect with that community group and do some good today.

Have you been too busy to help? Just remember that helping the community enriches one’s soul, so it’s good to help. On the fun side of things, pull out that fine wine you’ve had hidden at the back of your cupboard. But some gourmet cheese and have a small, informal cocktail party for a small group of friends.

Career: Today you should leave it up to the stars to see the nitty-gritty, finer details. You’re feeling so stressed on the job that you may need to lie down in sick bay or your car for a little while. Everyone should be able to rest when stressed. Otherwise, the office will be filled with people walking around looking like spaced out zombies. Ouch! It seems this mental stress is causing you physical pain.

Maybe you should take the day off.

Love & Relationships: One of the religious books says that ‘Pride comes before a fall’ and so today if you are not careful, being proud can lead to unnecessary arguments and you will look back on these arguments with disdain and wonder why you even bothered to fight. Did you say those horrible things to your partner?

Yes, you did because you were too proud. So be careful of having a boastful attitude. Meet your partner halfway or more than halfway. Do more than he or she will expect. This will bode well for you and an evening of sensual pleasures may be in your near future.

How to get through your day

Everyone needs a mental health day. So take a day off and you can either stay home and sleep or go to the park, spread a blanket under an oak tree and read a good book.

To get through your day, ensure you engage in some earnest self-reflection. That will facilitate a better flow of positive energy throughout the day. Don’t be boastful because that will cause your partner to pull away.

That’s it for today’s daily Chinese horoscope for Dog. Hope you’ve enjoyed this reading and gained some insight. Follow us again and share with friends, family and loved ones on their social media sites.