In today’s daily Chinese horoscope for Horse, Astrologer Megan Wilson engages you in starry thoughts that shed light on all aspects of your life, which includes love, career and relationships. Keep reading for more.

What to expect

General: The universe is giving you the green light to go ahead and express yourself in all your glory today. Your emotions run deep and people will accept all of you today. They will accept the tears, the joy, the anger and the utter confusion. Go ahead and just let it all out.

Life will be so much easier after you express yourself.

Don’t take everything personally, just go with the flow. You’re not usually flowing but today just be free.

Flexibility is the key word today for you to make it through. If you are flexible and free then adverse situations will be much easier to handle. Imagine the circumstances and stresses of yesterday will seem so much smaller today because you have released the pent up energy. Feel your shoulders and your mind relax today. Everything may not go your way today. Okay, accept it and move on.

Career: Wait a minute. Before you go running to the hills in a panic because of this new financial setback...a word or two of advice from the stars is to remain calm. Take deep breaths in and out...there you go.

Now, approach this quandary with the intelligence that you possess.

Love and relationships: You have needs and so does everyone else. The stars say that for a very long time your needs have been met by your sweet heart both emotionally and physically. Your love has not complained and instead has given you all the support you needed.

Astrologers say this relationship has two people in it so it is time to give back much of the love you have received. Simply, take yourself out of the picture, insert your loved one and will think of all the great and immeasurable things that he or she has done for you.

How to get through your day

In order to get through your day, you must choose to live life to the fullest.

Wipe those tears and put on a smile. Confidence will be your armor today. Reflection of the financial market and what it holds will also bring you through today but also remember that you have been saving will bring you comfort. No matter what happens on the financial field, you have a nest egg put aside.

That’s it for today’s daily Chinese horoscope for Horse. Thank you for reading and do share with someone today and encourage them to share with their friends.