Kind and patient in nature, they are an easy going and loving people to be around. A person who knows themselves and how to find their center, they tend to move easily from circumstance to circumstance without much upheaval of themselves or others. While they are easy going, often they face chaos and disorganization with a well-developed Plan Of Action that is unmatched by any other.

Not one for confrontation, they hold fast to their ideals while respecting the wishes of others. This essentially allows for projects to get off smoothly without much disturbance or interruption.

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What to expect

The memory of something or someone may have you lost and feeling over achingly sentimental. While it has been encouraged in the past, it may be best if you let go at this time. You may not have realized it but your attachment to that special something or someone is blocking you from moving on. More than that, someone close to you is extremely jealous and aggressive about that topic. Thus, be still and cautious.

How to get through your day

Not everyone will agree with your current plan of action. You have done your due diligence and believe that it is the best that you can surmise. However, many will not agree and will try to change your train of thought for specific actions.

Though it is not their place to do so, pay attention as there may be something new to learn, as there always is. The decisions that follow are you your to be made, so be sure of what it is you would like to do and hold fast to it.

Love and Relationships: A quiet evening without turmoil or upheavals. Maybe you both snuggle in to watch an old movie or you go out for a date.

Tonight could be the night that you spend separately doing what each likes to do. However you decide to spend it, it will be a peaceful one for you. You know that you have invested properly in this relationship and tonight is a testimony to your great bond together.

Career: Your dedication and enthusiastic approach to your job has been closely monitored by those who work with you.

It is clear that your job is more than just a paycheck and you are valued for all that you bring to the table without question. These sentiments will do you well when a visitor seeks to upset the delicate balance of your work space for today. Don’t worry, it will last only a few hours and then you will be free to leave!

Some advice for today could be… being a little bit spontaneous from time to time. Following the plan has been fulfilling but a little bit of extra fun can do no harm.

Thank you for reading the daily Chinese Horoscope Rabbit for today! Hope it was interesting and provided new insight.