Barack Obama has served as president of the United States for two consecutive terms and is now enjoying a much deserved holiday. There are indications that he plans to return to the political arena but will not be involved in any direct activities that will pertain to politics. Rather, he will involve himself in behind the scenes work instead of action on center stage.

One of his aides has indicated that he will re-enter the political scene once he finishes his family vacation. His mission would be to help the democrats rebuild and give a fillip to raise funds and hit the campaign trail for fellow party members.

The tentative plan

Daily Mail UK reports that Barack Obama has never been too far away from politics. He kept himself busy raising funds for the Democratic National Committee as well as the National Democratic Redistricting Committee even after he left the White House. Moreover, he met the DNC Chairman Tom Perez in July to advise him on many issues.

He now plans to campaign for Democrats and has indicated possibilities of doing so for Ralph Northam, who is in the running for governor in Virginia. It is not known who else he will campaign for, neither the frequency of his appearances. He wants to maintain a low profile and has no intention of being labeled as the face of the Democratic Party. He takes the criticisms that President Donald Trump levels at him in stride and is interested in grooming prospective candidates who may be nursing a desire to run for office in 2020.

He is still in a holiday mood

Barack Obama is a leader who has age on his side. He has served two terms as president of the United States and after leaving office has been occupied in activities that have no relation to politics. He has enjoyed kitesurfing, has traversed the French Polynesian and enjoyed his annual family vacation on Martha's Vineyard and, of course, played golf.

Incidentally, President Donald Trump has always been critical of his predecessor and if the former president decides to take an active role now, it could have a positive influence on the Democrats who are largely in disarray. Barack Obama has plenty of advantages because he is a relatively scandal-free and popular leader and can get along with others.

His re-entry could have long-term effects on the political scenario in the United States.

The perception of a situation differs from one leader to another and Trump’s popularity is still a matter of concern. His method of handling contentious issues, like the Paris accord on climate change, has already affected the image of the US. The global community felt let down when he announced the withdrawal of America from the agreement. Hence, the efforts of Barack Obama to re-energize the Democrats could pay dividends. He always has his ear to the ground and is seldom caught unawares.