If you are planning to tour the USA, you should start with Hawaii. The Hawaiian archipelago is made of eight islands and is located in the heart of Pacific Ocean. Most tourists are attracted by the sandy beaches, sunny days, warm tropic waters and all sorts of water sports. You can also view the historic sites and the volcanic landscape. Here are the best places to visit in Hawaii.

USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

The memorial is located in Honolulu and is the leading destination in the Hawaiian Islands. It’s estimated that 2 million people from both the US and the rest of the world visit here to see where the US joined the Second World War.

At the memorial, you can view the sunken USS Arizona ship, and some sections of it can be seen above the water. The center offers all the information about the harbor as well as the Japanese attack. Also, the visitors can walk on the deck of USS Missouri, another battleship docked in the memorial.


The island has a myriad of attractions that will amaze you. Maui has over 30 beaches that are suitable for scuba diving, paddling, relaxing, swimming, and snorkeling. You also get to watch big wave competitors show their skills, or learn to do it yourself, thanks to the availability of trainers and equipment. Moreover, you can explore the Lahaina Historic Trail, hike through the Valley State Park, or head down to Kaanapali Beach and watch the cliff-diving ceremony.

You can also ride with your family through the 1890’s Sugar Cane Train and explore the Maui Ocean Center.

Polynesian Cultural Center

The center is located in Oahu, less than an hour drive away from Honolulu. It portrays the daily life and culture of the Polynesian islanders, Samoa, Fiji, Maoris, Tahiti, Marquesas, and Tonga, through games, music, craft, dance, and demonstrations.

It is divided into sections that represent their locations. Visitors are allowed to tour the center during the day as well as in the evening to watch shows.

Waimea Canyon

Based on the western side of Kauai, the Waimea Canyon has the same geological traits like the Grand Canyon including the rock formations, deep gorges, and crested buttes.

The canyon is 3,600 feet deep, 14 miles long and one mile wide. You can drive through the canyon until you reach the Waimea Canyon Overlook.

Kona Coffee Farms

If you love coffee, you need to complete your Hawaii trip by visiting the coffee farms in Kona. You can explore some of them and have a taste of all the unique flavors while you sight-see the area. You can visit the Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation, Lyman Kona Coffee Farms, Greenwell Farms and much more. You can also attend the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival which happens in November.

There are still hundreds of places you can tour in Hawaii. The island also has more museums national parks and breathtaking coastlines that will take time to forget. Grab your tickets and go to Hawaii, the land with so much to see.