Country turned Pop superstar Taylor Swift as we all know has sold millions of her albums and is considered to be a record holder. She was featured in the Guinness World Records of 2016 as the "Most million-selling weeks on U.S. album charts". While we are mostly familiar with her recent pop Songs such as "Bad Blood," "Shake it Off" and "Style," the jewels are those that are not so mainstream. Even though these songs are not always played on the radio they should be on one of your playlists. These songs will give you the true identity of our beloved pop star.

1. Ronan

This song was written by Taylor and performed during the show "Stand up to Cancer." This is about a mom who lost her 4-year-old boy to cancer and to be honest, it's heart-wrenching. Not only does it have a beautiful soft melody, it has really gripping lyrics that will make you empathize about what that mom could have felt during the loss. It makes you realize that life is short and we should value our loved ones while we still have them.

2. The Best Day

As we all know, Taylor is quite close to her family and especially her mom. This song exhibits her love for her mother as well as her dad and brother. It's an easy going type of song telling a story about Taylor's childhood and how she found a best friend in her mom.

The music video garnering 17 million views on Youtube featured Taylor's childhood videos and it makes us feel nostalgic. If you're away from your family or looking for a song to dedicate to your mom, this song is The Best for you.

3. Mine

This song was quite a hit when it was released and let me tell you why. It's a fairy tale with a realistic touch.

In a world where divorce is rampant, this song was about a girl whose own parents' divorce made her take a second look at love. She had guarded her heart and yet one man changed her outlook about love. It's real because the song showcased the couple having problems such as bills to pay and figuring things out but the couple fought and still chose to be together.

The most catchy line in the song is "I fell in love with a careless man's careful daughter" and well it just shows how talented a lyricist Taylor is.

4. All too well

This song is the exact opposite of the song above. It's brilliantly made both in lyrics and melody. It tells a story about a broken relationship you thought would last. It's gripping and to be honest, tearful. This song was performed by Taylor during the 56th Grammy awards and it was nothing short of amazing. As with all pain, it comes to an end. This song will get you through a story about being broken and finding acceptance.