Gov. Jerry Brown is determined to prove to the world that the policies adopted by California would bear testimony to the fact that the United States will not abandon the fight against climate change. This will be in spite of withdrawal from the Paris climate accord announced by President Donald Trump. Over the past decade, the state has risen to the challenge and has passed laws to prove that it is possible to bring down greenhouse gas emissions.

The State Legislature had set a goal of a drastic slashing of emissions by 2030 and the level proposed was much more than what was proposed for the whole of the U.S.

Gov. Jerry Brown knows that it is a difficult task but, not an impossible one and, can be done. As a scientist has said - California is like a giant laboratory for climate action.

Actions already taken by California

New York Times reports that most of the states have till now gone in for standard measures to curb emissions like the replacement of older coal plants with cheaper and cleaner natural gas. Some have embraced solar and wind power on a limited scale. The net result is a drop of 14 percent in domestic carbon dioxide emission since 2005 – but, the requirement is much more.

The emissions in California are comparable to the levels of 1990 because its use of coal is negligible and it uses solar energy on a large scale.

As a result, it has achieved the third lowest emission in the whole of the U.S. and Gov. Jerry Brown knows that, to bring it down further and control the menace of climate change, it would have to innovate and target more stubborn polluters.

Other options available

California is looking at other options on the table. One of these is to increase the number of electric cars and zero-emission vehicles on the roads – there are roughly 250,000 of these right now and the target is to increase the numbers to around 4-million by 2030.

Of course, this could face problems with the Trump administration who may not want to force automakers to build more zero-emission vehicles.

The level of emission could also be kept in check if heavy vehicles like trucks became more efficient or electrified and cities began to promote strategies to encourage alternate modes of transport like mass transit system, biking and walking.

Gov. Jerry Brown wants to convince the world that the United States has already started its fight against climate change and will not abandon it even though President Trump has announced a withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement.