Hey there, Pisces. Welcome to a new week! You were born between February 19th to March 20th making you highly attuned to others’ sensitivities. In today’s daily Lovescope for Pisces, we’re going to talk about looking after your mind and body.

What to expect

Singles: You're usually low-key and easy going, but the stars say it’s time to rock someone’s world. Instead of chatting for a few minutes, take them on a wild adventure. Great memories are unforgettable! You are the Master of how you live your life but lately, you’ve been feeling that strong emotions (which used to be the highlight of your life) are an obstacle to your serenity.

The stars say that isn’t so!

Those born in the first decade could fall head over heels in love and if the lucky person is a Cancerian, there'll be lots of sparks! A little optimism is needed to face all situations in the best possible way, even in love. So tonight singles, when you feel like frowning at the world and hiding in your room, remember the world needs to be conquered and you cannot do it from the inside! Take care of your health. If you don’t look or feel good, you won’t be confident enough to approach your numerous suitors.

Couples: Don’t jump to conclusions today. Something has shifted in your relationship that causes a sense of unease but wait it out. This astro influence causes you to be a bit haughty today.

Lighten up! Your partner just wants to know what’s going on so answer with ease. Your authority isn’t being challenged.

Stop being so hard on yourself. Many of us wish we could change something about our bodies but do they define who we are? No! And your partner doesn’t care either. He/she loves your sweet self so indulge in their adoration.

If your rising sign is in Leo, placate your temperament which is sometimes aggressive. Let others also discover the possibility of expressing their own ideas. If you were born in the second decade, expect to feel disappointed by your new Aquarius partner. If you are flirting with a Sagittarius, remember to cast aside arrogance and presumption: hardly anybody likes being ruled with a rod of iron.

How to get through your day

Singles: Things have been a bit challenging recently in the realm of romance but obstacles will soon give way to success! Positive developments are on the way allowing you to boost your self-esteem and radiate love.

Couples: Today is an excellent day to check up on your diet and exercise routine. Ask yourself if you shouldn’t be doing a few breathing exercises as well. Your health is your wealth so focus there today and then you can think about your relationship--maybe get your darling to work out with you...on the bed this time!

That’s it for today’s daily Lovescope for Pisces. Come back tomorrow to see what the stars have planned.