The Sacramento Kings have been on a rebuild recently with the trade of their All-Star player DeMarcus Cousins. They have revamped their whole roster. Cousins, it can be argued, was pretty underrated in what he can do on the floor for a big man and in what he contributes overall. It was an ugly departure out of Sacramento that brought him together with Anthony Davis on the New Orlean Pelicans. The Kings have been getting stronger with their recent acquisitions of George Hill and big man Zach Randolph. They have also managed to ink veteran Vince Carter to a deal to get stronger as a cohesive unit.

The Kings look like a competitor now, with their recent additions and possibly even a playoff team.

The deal

The deal with Vince Carter was pretty significant for the team. The veteran will be able to mentor young players with a lot of potential in De'Aaron Fox and Buddy Hield. Fox is a good player with a lot of athleticism and heart. Hield is still proving his worth in the league. Their other young player out of Greece named Georgios Papagiannis has had some setbacks, although the team believes he can be a great center.

The Kings in the deal will be getting a veteran that knows how to play the game and that can shoot the three-pointer at a high clip. Despite his age, Carter is still a great player in the league and he can still dunk on opposing players.

The deal gives them a good shooter off the bench and a great mentor for the rookies.

Other acquisitions

The Kings have signed other good key players to bolster their roster. The team was able to sign George Hill from the Utah Jazz, who had a breakout offensive year for the team last season. He shot well from the floor and from the three-point line.

Hill is also a threat driving to the rim and finishing. Durability or injuries are an issue with him, but if he could turn that around, it would be a great pickup for the team.

The Kings were also able to sign another veteran, Zach Randolph, to a deal. Ze-Bo is a proven big man in this league, who is able to post up and score around the perimeter.

This player is also another veteran who will be able to help out the rookies learn and he is an offensive threat. He also plays good defense on the floor.

What it means for the team

In my opinion, the additions the team has made are some of the best in the offseason by a team, besides the Minnesota Timberwolves, who are now a playoff team with their acquisitions. I believe that the Sacramento Kings and Minnesota Timberwolves have made some of the best moves in free agency. Teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Clippers lost out big time.

Both have turned their clubs into a much better team. However, I believe that although both of them are in the Western Conference, the Timberwolves are a better club with a higher chance of a playoff appearance. I would not sleep on the Sacramento Kings though, who are looking like a much different team going into next season.