The Minnesota Timberwolves have always been an okay team in the league, but they just did not have players to be a contender or a playoff team. They drafted well and got Karl-Anthony Towns. Recently, this team has made some significant additions to their roster over the NBA offseason. They have made some of the biggest moves during the free agency. It can be argued that their recent acquisitions make them a playoff team going into the next season as they will be a dangerous team.

Their early additions

The team was able to steal Jimmy Butler from the Chicago Bulls, where a lot of rumors were coming out that he was not happy.

There was a lot of drama surrounding the team in the season with the locker room and with Dwyane Wade not being the leader he should have been. It was the best thing that could have happened to Butler at this point in his career and there is no doubt that he will help this team and mentor the younger guys on it, like Andrew Wiggins and Towns.

Regardless of the fact that Butler was not on a good team, he still played well for them on both sides of the ball. Butler is a great two-way player who can sink mid-range jumpers and post-up and score. The team was able to reach the playoffs, but had an early exit due to injuries to players. Overall, the season was pretty disappointing for the Bulls with the decent roster they had.

The coach is a reason to join

Coach Tom Thibodeau could have been a key reason for star players joining the Timberwolves. Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson got to reunite with their old head coach. Both of the players were teammates in Chicago for six seasons before being split up. Butler and Gibson seem to have a close connection to the coach.

Veteran power forward Gibson signed a two-year 28 million dollar deal, after being on the Oklahoma City Thunder for a short time. Although Gibson is older, he can still muscle his way to the paint and score on opposing defenses.

Other players join

Jeff Teague was another good complimentary addition to the team. Teague signed a three-year 57 million dollar deal to join Minnesota.

Jeff Teague had a great score of seasons with the Atlanta Hawks, until he did not play at the high level that he was capable of with the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers have undergone drastic changes after the departure of Teague and Paul George. The team had a lot of great players on paper, but it did not transition to the field.

The additions of Teague and Gibson give the young Timberwolves team needed playoff experience players. The veteran players will be able to mentor the younger players.

As if the team was not dangerous enough, they were able to also sign veteran player Jamal Crawford to a two-year deal. The 37-year-old shooting guard is a great player off the bench. Crawford had his best years with the Los Angeles Clippers and thought it was time to move on with the departure of Chris Paul and J.J.

Redick. Jamal Crawford is a unique and great player who can score from the perimeter, sink threes, and get to the rim. Jamal also is a streaky shooter and once he makes a couple, it is probable that he sinks others. The Timberwolves got a great bench player in Crawford.

Despite being in the Western Conference, the Timberwolves will surely make the playoffs after missing it for 13 straight years. The drought will end with all the star talent that they have gained in the offseason. Opposing teams in the West should definitely look out for the Minnesota Timberwolves who will be one of the most dangerous teams next year.