The sex robot industry has flourished a long time ago and there is going to be a revolution that will surely affect humans. In the 1980s, a movie titled Cherry 2000 about Android women taking over the role of human partners educated many people about the possibilities of using them in real life.

Sex robot use and production need government regulation

Since the 80s, some companies have catered to the demand for products that can be an alternative to human sex partners. No law has been created regarding the use of such machines. However, it has been observed that the demand for the sex robots has increased dramatically over the years.

Noel Sharkey, Robotics and AI professor at the University of Sheffield in the UK said that there must be some laws that will govern the use, distribution, and limitation of mechanized sexual partners. He added that the public ought to decide what is restricted and what is permitted, reported Techspot.

He co-authored a book titled “Our Sexual Future with Robots.” The book explained that robots can be beneficial for some people like the elderly, disabled, and people who have problems with intimate relationships. However, they can also cause a deluge of problems in the Long Run. There is now a Japanese company that manufactures sex robots that resemble children.

Use of sex robots will eventually create more problems

Some producers justify that the child-resembling sex robots help address phaedophilia but a philosophy professor believes that it can result in even more problems. Patrick Lin who is also a robot ethicist said that treating paedophiles with robot sex-children is repulsive and uncertain and it is doubtful that the pervert’s abnormal sexual appetite will be satisfied if he is allowed to use such robots.

Robots could even promote racism. By supplying racists with brown or black silicone dolls that they can ultimately destroy only deepen's their mental and emotional issues. The worst would be when men prefer AI over humans. Those who resort to the use of robots instead of women are destroying the very core of humanity as intended by the Creator.

Aside from being a one-way relationship that will only deepen selfishness and isolation, they may also cause problems of population growth in the long run. The use of robots is abnormal and humans were created to commune with humans. CNBC reported that having a sex robot as a partner is a one-way relationship and will only make men lonelier. Sex robots never really satisfy the innate need for human companionship.