The peaceful purposes of Nuclear Power are not yet determined. There should be some use for it. Thorium power is held to hold promise. But current nuclear power has not proved that it is a safe, long-term answer to our energy needs. Those who think differently are smart and well stocked with arguments, and I am not in the business of refuting people who know more than I do. The best argument I know is also the most obvious. It is the past effects of meltdowns from Russia to the US to Japan.


The effects are still with us. I do not expect the Future operators of nuclear plants to be any better able to ensure safety than their predecessors.

To the extent that the world is unwisely moving in the direction of deregulation, I must assume that pressures to keep nuclear energy competitive will make safety more a selling point than a fail-safe reality.

If I had no other argument, I would be forced to return to the dismal effort to dig out the actual dangers and after effects of known accidents and meltdowns. Not to mention today's news of danger to nuclear energy ideas. But my argument has two more prongs.

Renewables will win quickly

First, renewables will be victorious before the nuke partisans can fake us into believing their story.

So fast is the change coming that it is like the advent of personal computers. You just know that renewables will win. Just Google the question -- when will renewables do it all?

The present date is 2050. Fossil fuels will be unnecessary in a decade. These targets will only get closer as time passes.

New understandings

The third prong of the argument is that at some point, not too far ahead, we will have a new economic understanding.

It is crying to be born. It will be born.

It will be a model that does not trash capitalism. It will, in fact, depend on giving everyone a chance to prosper according to desire, drive, and ability. It will be sustainable because we cannot live on infinite growth until it is understood that people are the only entities that have the capacity to grow that way.

Great awakening

We are at the edge of a Great Awakening, and it is only the theologians and academics who are a bit behind the curve. Some get it, and soon there will be a flood of those who buy the scenario.

Capitalism will become prosperity for all. Growth will come to individuals by leaps and bounds. Everything is about to be transformed. The movement will be bigger than institutions or nations or anything but the imagination of each soul on the planet.


In the world that is coming nuclear power may play a role but it has not emerged yet. It is like incarceration. We have not yet developed the alternative. It is like war. We have not yet found the way to make it moot. But we will do all these things. They are doable now. We just have to catch up with reality.