One might have to search for the story beneath mainstream media’s daily anti-Trump “news” rants, but what might turn out to be the biggest news story of 2017 is heating up. To be sure, yesterday’s arrest of Pakistani-born Imran Awan, 37, as he attempted to flee the country, may eventually embroil former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and some other House democrats just when their 2018 campaigns don't need more email scandals. The IT guy for many house Democrats, including Wasserman-Schultz, is being held on bank fraud charges related to a bank loan for a house he falsely claimed as his prime residence.

However, bank fraud charges against the House Democrats' highly subsidized computer handyman may be the least interesting aspect of this politically explosive case.

Investigation ongoing for months

Awan and several members of his family have been under FBI investigation for months. He and they were among those with access to House computer systems during the time that DNC servers were hacked. While other Democrats claim to have fired Awan months ago, Wasserman-Schultz kept him on her payroll even though investigators had long ago officially barred him from accessing House computer servers. It is equally unclear what Wasserman-Schultz paid him to do up until yesterday when he was terminated after his arrest.

It was the hacking of DNC computer servers during the 2016 presidential campaign that prompted the FBI to begin the investigation. Wasserman-Schultz had gone so far as to threaten officials who requested access to her and Awan’s laptop computers, but the Florida representative changed her mind after yesterday’s arrest at Washington Dulles International Airport where Awan was set to board a flight bound for Pakistan.

Media may be forced to report

While most media outlets continue to report on Russia collusion stories involving the Trump administration, the Democratic Party may have the most to lose when it comes to actual ongoing investigations. Awan and family members have received hundreds of thousands of dollars, perhaps millions, from House Democrats for unspecified “services." For her part, Awan's wife, Hina Alvi, left the country in March during the middle of the investigation after taking her children out of school in Virginia.

Authorities found $12,400 in her luggage, but she was allowed to leave for Pakistan in spite of the federal investigation.

FBI searching confiscated computers

FBI agents are actively searching a laptop computer used by Wasserman-Schultz while at the DNC as well as at least one of Awan’s computers. Analysts say the FBI investigation may uncover a trove of suspicious or downright incriminating files and emails sent and received by Democrats. Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign was plagued by her own email scandals that may or may not be connected to the current investigation. As DNC chairperson, Wasserman-Schultz was one of Hillary's ardent supporters. Clinton has not been indicted even though many of the documents that she sent and received on her unsecured server were highly classified.

The bank allegedly defrauded by Awan is a congressional credit union set up for employees of the U.S. House of Representatives which is under federal jurisdiction. Awan, since 2004, worked for various Democrats and is also under criminal investigation for the theft of House equipment and data. Several of his relatives who also worked for Democratic House members are subjects of the same federal investigation. Democrats fear that the investigation could reopen and expand on embarrassing and perhaps criminal aspects of the DNC’s email hacking scandal.