Prepare to be sucked into your new binge-watching series. RuPaul Drag Race fan favorite Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova joined forces with World of Wonder to create UNHhhh a show where they talk about what they want because they can.

The hilarious web series has been nothing but comedy gold between the two queens. The show started over a year ago and this week saw UNHhhh hit episode 50. As of May 2017 the series has hit a huge milestone with over 8 million views. The series is constructed of the weird and the wacky with some helpful tips thrown in, here are the beginners guide to what you’re missing out on.

First, let's begin with both Trixie and Katya’s laugh, that alone is the highlight for me. The screeching and loud pitches of screaming, not even annoying, you want to be a part of this. You want to be their friends! Sometimes laughter can sum up what doesn’t need to be said between them, the more they laugh, the more you cackle out loud with them. The chemistry of Katya and Trixie radiates through the screen is incredibly infectious. If you’re having a bad day or need cheering up, this is the perfect dose of happiness.

The beginning of each episode begins with witty one-liners of introductions: “I’m the lion, witch and wardrobe, TrixieMattell, and I’m a complex person, Katya”

Each episode has a topic, sometimes the topic is addressed and it flies off in an opposite direction, this is what makes the episode so brilliant you never know what is to be said.

There have even been rare moments of wisdom discussing social media Katya states “Choose what to fill your brain and eyeballs with. Look through your followers or what your following and if doesn’t promote your health, well-being or creativity unfollow them.”

Oh Honey

For the beginner of UNHhhh, the best episodes to start with are as follows: All of them!

There is not a dull moment. Seriously, start at the beginning. While narrowing it down to a top 5 is almost impossible, here are some personal favorites.

  • "Random WTF"
  • "The Worst Hook-up’s"
  • "Job’s before drag"
  • "How to Flirt"
  • "Beauty Tip’s part one and two"

What started as a little web series has now gone on to become a must watch, be prepared to have a batch of new catchphrases such as ‘Oh honeyyyy’, ‘Shut up Brenda’ and the sassy ‘Thworp’ flick of a fan whenever shade is thrown.

The Thworp has become so popular Katya even sold the fans at Dragcon LA for those who want to join in the fun. You may find yourself wanting to watch the film "Contact" every episode Katya manages to slip in the movie reference now becoming a running joke/annoyance to Trixie.

A shout out to the production, okay it’s not Hollywood blockbuster effects. But for a YouTube web series, it adds to the comedy, even if it’s just adding pretend explosions or a well-placed green screen to make floating heads. The two go hand in hand to making the show a resounding success.

What makes the show work is how opposite Katya and Trixie are not just in looks but personality, Katya is dark, scatty and weird. Whereas Trixie is witty and catty.

Combine the two and it works so well, they gel together that is the magic combination and long may they reign like true Queens.

Find out for yourself and subscribe to UNHhhh with Trixie and Katya on WOW Presents YouTube channel. You won't regret it!