President Donald Trump’s first cabinet meeting on Monday was day of praise. On Wednesday, it became a day of criticizing the president.

Political commentators, such as a TV host and a newspaper columnists, criticized not only Trump but also his cabinet members for lacking the courage to stand up to the man who bullied them. Fortune reported that MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski on the “Morning Joe” show hit both the president and the cabinet.

From the print media side, an opinion piece from Kathleen Parker published by The Washington Post, estimated one-third of the U.S.

population suffers from a reality discernment malfunction since Trump became the country’s 45th president.

Cabinet men confirmed Trump’s exaggerated self

Brzezinski was not just referring to the cabinet meeting when Trump asked everyone to say something nice about him on camera. It had been going on since the first week of his presidency. But no one has the courage to stand up and tell him he is wrong, she told her co-host, Joe Scarborough.

She described his first executive order as a calamity. Brzezinski added no one among the people surrounding the president told him of the misstep in the crowd size of Trump’s inauguration as well as the 3 million votes.

The MSNBC host noted that it is not just diversity that is lacking in the president’s inner circle since most of them, like Trump, are white male billionaires.

Beyond what is common such the gender, ethnicity, and large money in the bank, what stands out is the lack of real men in that group who would tell him he is wrong.

Brzezinski blamed the president being delusional about his accomplishment to his secretaries and other officials who help confirm Trump’s sense of totally exaggerated self.

There was actually one official who did stand up and told Trump he would not stop the investigation of ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. James Comey got fired for not being “loyal” to the president, but is now on his way to another career as an author with a potential $10 million golden parachute.

No major legislation passed in the Trump administration

Parker said it is not just the subservient cabinet that should just take the blame but also Republican voters who hear “lyrical lucidity” even if their president speaks in monosyllabic verbiage that is syntax-challenged and fourth-grade level. Trump bragged about being better than other presidents before him, except Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but the opinion piece pointed out no major legislation has been approved by Congress during the Trump administration.

The reciprocal madness, she said, had spread to the highest levels as one secretary after the other spoke of being grateful for the privilege to work for Trump. The chief of staff, Reince Priebus even called it a blessing.

Parker concluded that a book will try to find some answers behind the ongoing madness. “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” which will be authored by over a dozen psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental-health experts, is coming out in fall.