President Donald Trump made FBI director James Comey jobless after he allegedly fired him for refusing to drop the investigation on ex-National Security adviser Michael Flynn. With all the spotlight on Comey after his explosive Senate testimony on June 8, it seems there is a more lucrative career waiting for him.

The New York Post reported that Hollywood movie producers are lining up to make a movie about Comey. They see the recent events and the former director’s story as a potential blockbuster. Comey could also transition from intelligence expert to book Author, according to an acquisition editor for a publishing house in New York.

White House intrigues and corruption

The editor said that ahead of Comey’s book proposal, he authorized the offer of $10 million to the fired FBI director. The offer would place Comey on the same level as former President Bill Clinton and ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The idea of a book by Comey hit another editor, who is involved in non-fiction bestsellers of The New York Times after Comey released the seven-page statement on Monday ahead of his Senate testimony.

Comey’s memoir has all the elements of a blockbuster, beginning with White House intrigue, all the way to breaking the law and corruption in government. It would make “House of Cards” and “West Wing” seem like on the same level as “Mister Roger,” the editor said.

After his testimony, Comey has been described as the new male sex symbol which is why a movie producer has started to look for male actors who would portray Comey. The actor they are looking for must be tall and handsome like John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart.

Discussions with top lawyer-agents in Washington

The Daily Mail cited a publishing insider that Comey will meet with one of the top lawyer-agents in Washington, Bill Barnett.

The book clients of Barnett include Barbra Streisand, George W. Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Prince Charles, and Bob Woodward.

Comey has the writing skills since he was a student journalist at the College of William & Mary. He wrote in 1980 “The Fat Hat,” a three-part series on retaining and recruitment of African-American students.

The series was published by the campus newspaper.

As FBI director, Comey had an annual pay of $172,000. He will not get any severance pay because Trump fired him allegedly for a cause, but he is qualified for retirement benefits from the government. The writing and movie deal would be a golden parachute for Comey who would gain more fame as an author, multimillionaire, and Hollywood celebrity that Trump would likely regret the day he fired the director.