Proving that the reaction of environmentalists and their fellow travelers was not the most unhinged episode of recent days, Kathy Griffin, who made herself infamous by displaying what looked like the severed head of the president of the United States, held a press conference. With her new lawyer by her side, the alleged comedian complained that the Trump family is trying to bully her. Not to worry, she has dealt with angry, old white guys before and has prevailed.

Bloom has taken on angry, old white guys before

It should be noted that Griffin’s new attorney, Linda Bloom, specializes in taking down angry, old white guys for money.

She represented a Fox News contributor named Wendy Walsh who accused Bill O’Reilly of sexually harassing her. In that case, O’Reilly lost his long-term gig at Fox News. The former host has denied all charges.

The extent of Kathy Griffin’s suffering

Besides having lost her position at CNN and her endorsement contract for squatty potty, Griffin’s lawyer claims that she has had multiple events canceled on her. She has received a lot of death threats. The Secret Service has contacted Griffin, and she has been forced to retain a criminal defense lawyer. And members of the Trump family have tweeted mean things about her.

Why the pity party press conference was a bad move

It was not clear from the press conference what if any redress Griffin and her lawyer want.

Should Trump personally invite her to the White House and publically forgive her? No American president would ever do that and especially not this one. Besides, after the way Griffin terrorized the president’s younger son, it may be prudent for her not to be anywhere near Melania Trump. Why Griffin did repeat her apology, diluted as it was by cries for sympathy, the words fell largely on deaf ears.

Pro tip: when mocking the president of the United States, do not emulate ISIS

Griffin’s primary mistake, one of many, was in her choice of visuals. If there is one thing that brings left and right together in the United States is the utter revulsion most feel toward members of ISIS, those rabid murderers who chop off heads of prisoners, burn people alive and throw gay people off of the tops of buildings.

A joke is circulating that ISIS would like to come after Kathy Griffin for cultural appropriation. Beheading people is part of their culture and for an entitled white, female infidel to appropriate that practice for her own nefarious purposes is not something to be endured.