It's time that we start adapting to the change on the horizon. We don't have to like it, but we have to embrace that this is how the NBA is going to work for the unseeable future. With reports surfacing that the Pacers have reached out to the Cavaliers about a potential trade for Paul George, the notion that superteams are wrong is exactly what they are, an opinion.

Durant showed NBA world to not care about perception

Last summer when Durant angered half of the NBA nation by joining the Golden State Warriors to form a superteam, the media ripped Durant on how making superteams was wrong.

In the end, Durant just spent last week parading with a NBA Finals MVP and a Championship Ring.

Now, look at George. The 27-year old superstar gave Indiana their best chance during the 2014 playoffs when he took the Pacers to the Eastern Conference Finals. However, Lebron James, in his last year with the Miami Heat, eliminated the Pacers in six games. Since then, George hasn't made it out of the first round.

With reports circling that George wants out of Indiana after this upcoming season, can we honestly blame him? George wants to win a championship, and there is no way that he is going to do it with what Indiana has right now. The Pacers have no leverage in signing a premier free agent, so their best bet is to deal George rather than let him walk and get nothing in return.

As fans, we don't have to like it. We can question if it makes the league competitive, but Durant showed that maybe you have to do something that is not the norm to get what you want.

George should hope he is traded to Cleveland

The L.A. lights are beautiful, but shouldn't misguide George in what he truly wants. If George wants a scenery change just for the scenery, then L.A.

will be a great fit, but if he wants to change for a title, then Cleveland is the best option.

The Lakers have not proven anything. The team has not made the playoffs since 2013. Lakers General Manager, Rob Pelinka, and President of Basketball Operations, Magic Johnson, haven't even been through an offseason yet. All of the young players in D'Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram, and Julius Rangle have proved nothing.

They still have wasted investments in Luol Deng and Timofey Mozgov, so why are the Lakers so appealing?

A George trade could keep Lebron around

Johnson and Pelinka need to prove they can bring top free agents over to the Lakers. All of the rumblings of James being a Laker in the future are if the Cavaliers can't get over the hump. Last time I checked, Kyrie Irving is still just 25 years old. Tristan Thompson, Iman Shumpert, and J.R. Smith are proven commodities.

A player like George would keep Cleveland at the top. Who knows? A championship appearance could keep George around longer than the year he was rented for.