For further clarification on The H.R. 1628 amendment on abortion:

DEFINITIONS.—In this section:18 (1) PROHIBITED ENTITY.—The term ‘‘prohibited entity’’ means an entity, including its affiliates, subsidiaries, successors, and clinics

(II) in the case where a woman suffers from a physical disorder, physical injury, or physical illness (B) for which the total amount of Federal and State expenditures under the Medicaid program exceeded $350,000,000.

This does not mean abortion is banned. This section defunds planned parenthood for one year and after that they cannot exceed 350,000,000 in federal funds per year giving other providers a chance to partake from the public trough.

Some would argue that the money would then go to providers that don't do abortions and there is an argument here that can be made, but there are others who do not support abortion and they pay their taxes too.

It's all about choice

I was 15 and soon to be 16 when my daughter was born. It was shortly before abortion became legal, but my doctor, with permission from my mother, wanted me to end the pregnancy. I realized I could be forced into an abortion after I had already decided having an abortion was not for me. I had no say as to who might treat me. I was terrified and it was then I learned that women and even girls who become pregnant must have a choice in the matter.

I will never regret having a daughter that has filled my life with such beauty.

My boyfriend then, and husband now, feels the same way. But...

It doesn't always work out

My story is unique, but it made me a firm believer in personal choice. For me, I made the right decision, but that doesn't mean it's the right decision for everyone. I admit to seeing the videos of the aborted fetal parts for sale. I do not believe that fetal parts should be sold for any reason.

Donated yes, but sold? Never. Especially fetal parts from a non-profit who receives federal funds. That is skating too close to the law. I admit to having issues with Planned Parenthood and I would not mind seeing the money go elsewhere. However, that does not change my stance on personal choice.

Denying small business tax credits for using health care providers that allow abortion

‘‘(2) EXCLUSION OF HEALTH PLANS INCLUDING COVERAGE FOR ABORTION.—The term ‘qualified health plan’ does not include any health plan that includes coverage for abortions

Small business should not be burdened with the issues around abortion. Small business has enough trouble staying afloat as it is. In no circumstances should small business be burdened with having to choose a healthcare insurer based on what it affords to their workers.

The alt-right does not want government involved in abortions. They claim abortion has become a form of birth control for some people and they cannot abide the thought of an abortion provider receiving federal funds.

83 percent of U.S. citizens do not approve of federal funding for abortion and Planned Parenthood does over 900 abortions every day.

Restrictions on those who wish to have an abortion is a viable solution. There is no reason why a woman would need to have an abortion after 3 months when you can buy a pregnancy test over the counter at any pharmacy. Personally, I don't see why someone would need more than one abortion in a lifetime. Abortion is not and should not be a form of birth control.