They say that when you educate a man, you have created a king... But when you educate a woman, you have empowered an entire generation. They are our sisters, friends, mothers, colleagues, daughters, lovers... even bosses. It is quite true that if by chance an infant was to grow by just the care of a single parent, a mother would be best suited to nurture that child to maturity as compared to a father. Men play a very important role in parenting but women just play an irreplaceable role in society and God must have been a genius slicing that rib off and creating a woman.

Behind every successful man

Barrack Obama, Tupac Shakur, such would never have become household names and impacted the world in such a massive way were it not for the loving mothers behind them. We still live in a largely male dominated society but although the man is blessed with innate leadership skills and the spirit of a hunter that sees him pursue and acquire new territories, a woman brings some gentleness and balance that works magic in uniting the populace. A woman is a natural care giver and her tenderness might be the reason the world is still holding up as a unit to date.

A renowned musician, Shaggy once sung that ... "I wonder if God was a woman", in his smash hit "Strength Of A Woman".

The world has come a long way in equipping the girl child with necessary opportunities and enabling her to hit maximum potential. Thanks to this, phenomenal women like Hillary Clinton, Angel Merkel, Wangari Maathai, Mother Teresa, Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May... and many more have gone ahead and made history big time.

In France, an incredible woman, Marine Le Pen of Front National Party is a frontrunner in the upcoming French Presidential Election on May 7th, 2017.

Gone are the days when parents disregarded educating their daughters in favor of sons. Women Empowerment is clearly producing results because some of the biggest media personalities, music & Hollywood stars, athletes, corporate gurus, entrepreneurs and many role models are women. Oprah Winfrey and Mitchelle Obama for instance have given young girls hope the world over.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the President of Liberia made history by becoming Africa's first woman president.

Moving forward

The Greatest thing a man can do is to give peace & support to the women around him. Violence and cold treatment towards women and children is an act of cowardice and failed manhood that should never be condoned in society. We need more women leaders especially in politics in such a time as this when global peace and unity is under great threat. Let's love them, nurture and support them, help them reach their God given full potential. Women are beautiful creatures and women empowerment is surely the greatest way of thanking The Maker for such an incredible gift.