The Cleveland Cavaliers will defend their NBA championship against the Golden State Warriors on Thursday night. The matchup is going to be one of the greatest ever. These teams will meet for the third straight year, which is the first time two teams have done that. The pressure is on for both the Warriors and Cavaliers to capture another title. The question is, who faces more pressure? The defending NBA champions or the reloaded Golden State Warriors? The trilogy has the potential to be one the best Finals ever played in NBA history.

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James is making his seventh straight finals appearance and third in a row with the Cavaliers. James is facing one of the toughest challenges to date by trying to beat the Golden State Warriors. The pressure is on for LeBron to extend his legacy as the greatest player ever. The ability to make seven straight finals appearances comes with added pressure. The best player in the world has the toughest test of his career, and the pressure of winning it all might be too much.

The Cavaliers as a team may not experience the same pressure that James will, but the pressure is still on for them to win another title. Teams will always have pressure because of the possibility to win a championship.

Being in a championship game always comes with pressure no matter who you are. Cleveland has pressure to win another title and defend last year's championship win. It’s an inevitable feeling based on the fact that it’s a championship series.

Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have the most pressure of the 2017 NBA Finals.

They are hoping to erase the memory of losing in last year's finals. The Warriors have added pressure because of the addition of Kevin Durant. Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Warriors in an attempt to win a title. The Warriors had enough pressure to win the title this year, but with Durant on the team, the pressure has elevated to a new high.

Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green have equal amounts riding on their shoulders. Curry did not play up to the standards that fans are used to in last year's finals. Green got suspended in Game 5 last year which many believe cost the Warriors the championship. The Warriors have the most pressure because of who they are and how they play. They are one of the greatest teams ever. They have been the best team for the last three years, and for them not to win a title is unacceptable.