James Comey the Fbi Director had it coming. Unknown to the FBI director, Donald Trump had made up his mind to get rid of him. Trump is a decisive man and takes action on the spur of the moment. He decided that he must get rid of the FBI director. He possibly feared that the man would pull a rabbit out the hat and implicate either him or his team members of collusion with Russia.

Trump has always maintained that the Russian connection is" fake news.". Despite this, the Russian story was not going away and it was being highlighted day in and day out.

Trump did not trust Comey, despite the FBI director telling him that he was not under investigation. At the same time, news reached Donald Trump that the FBI had asked for greater resources from the Justice Department for the Russian investigation.

This probably unnerved him and he realized that the FBI was going to expand ithe Russian investigation. He took an immediate decision to sack the FBI director. In a subsequent interview, Donald Trump made it clear that he had decided to remove James Comey "anyhow" irrespective of the recommendations made by Rosenberg. This shows that Trump has come out with all guns blazing. He knows that the accusation of mishandling of emails of secretary Clinton is just a cover up.

This was reported by CNN international.

Independent prosecutor

Removal of James Comey at this juncture will definitely affect the investigation. Most likely it will die away unless an independent prosecutor is appointed. This presently looks unlikely as the Republicans have a majority in Congress and in case they decide to back Trump there is no way an independent prosecutor can be appointed.

Much will depend on the new FBI director who will be appointed. Trump will try and ensure that the man appointed sings his tune. How far the new incumbent will be able to suppress the evidence if any, has to be seen.

Patriotism and nationalism

The only hope for the opposition is the house Intelligence Committee which again has a GOP member as chairman.

However what cannot be doubted is the nationalism and patriotism of the members of Congress. In case any evidence comes up of the Russian hand, I am afraid Donald Trump will be in hot water.

In such a case the road to impeachment will open up. Similarity, Richard Nixon sacked officers of the of Justice Department in 1973. The sacking of the FBI director has an ominous ring. The evidence of the sacked FBI chief to the intelligence committee will be of vital importance. We will have to wait and see how the scenario unfolds in the days to come