Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Some people may not admit to having one, but deep down almost everyone has one. Guilty pleasures could be a type of music, a band, TV show, movie, fashion, or even food.

It’s not wrong that a person might like a song or a movie that they know it’s not good, but that’s what makes a guilty pleasure. These are the movies that no one will admit to having seen or own, but secretly it’s their favorites despite the quality.

"Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates"

Zac Efron, Aubrey Plaza, Adam Devine and Anna Kendrick star in this 2016 raunchy comedy about two brothers who need wedding dates for their sister’s wedding.

This movie is what anyone would expect it be when they see the cast and the trailers.

This comedy movie is downright hilarious. The crude humor over shadow how bad the movie really is, but in reality who doesn’t love the four main actors in it. Zac Eforn and Aubrey Plaza are some of the the funniest human beings on earth and them being in the same movie is amazing.

If there is any reason to watch this movie, it’s because of them and their amazing comedic timing and chemistry. The movie is pretty predictable, but it shouldn’t stop anyone from at least giving it a watch. It’s a good time and watching it with friends could make it a whole lot better.

"Why Him?"

"Why Him?" is a 2016 comedy Film starring Bryan Cranston and James Franco.

Just those names alone should indicate what type of movie this is. The film is based on a tech billionaire (James Franco) who wants to ask the daughter of an overprotective father (Bryan Cranston) to marry him.

This movie is the by the numbers fiancé versus father-in-law battle, but Cranston and Franco are so great together that it makes it for an enjoyable film.

The film reminds audiences just how funny Bryan Cranston can be from his days on “Malcolm in the Middle”.

Franco is known for his raunchy comedies, and this one is right at the top with "The Interview," "This is the End," and "Pineapple Express." It may not be an Oscar winner or even close to being one, but this film is one that many would enjoy to watch.

"Pitch Perfect"

This 2012 music comedy is the guiltiest pleasure movie ever. It stars Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Banks, Rebel Wilson, Skylar Astin and Adam Devine. The film is about a Capella groups at Barden University competing against each other to win the national title. The movies itself is so much fun with its catchy songs, dance routines, and humor that make it for the whole family to enjoy.

Some people may not see it as guilty pleasure but for others, they might view it that way. Never the less this film can be very addicting and may bring out the singer in anyone. The songs alone in the film can make anyone sing them in their heads for days on end. It truly is an entertaining fun film that anyone could watch.