There was a time when Flynn was a possible Trump VP pick, Chelsea Manning was a guy, and times square was not the scene of a lethal driver's sidewalk mayhem. Yesterday, in fact, because none of these things had happened yet. Now, they all are all playing out. There will be a funeral for the woman who was struck by the 26 year old guy who plowed into her and injured scores of others.


Chelsea Manning, out of prison, may find a new life where she will be accepted in a society still bitterly divided by their attitude toward whistleblowing.

She looks a lot better today than she did leaving prison. And Michael Flynn keeps raising new questions about everything under the sun. That makes him the primary subject of this article.

Trump's closest friend?

It almost seems that Flynn is Donald Trump's closest friend. The two men are apparently committed to each other. It is also true that Flynn is hiding something. The implication is that he is hiding a crime. This is because he was wandering about a while ago asking for immunity in exchange for testimony. No one would spring for that.

Now, he is refusing to comply with a subpoena.


Now that is a big crime, but there is a problem. A congressional subpoena does not carry that much weight and the time involved in actually filing and trying a subpoena case suggests that we are seeing a stand-off.

The refusal to respond to a subpoena is a contemptuous act and what happens when you are contemptuous of Congress is that you are held in contempt. That carries a modest fine and up to a year in the clink.

Dismal swamp

One must assume that whatever Flynn has done is worth at least a year in jail to avoid disclosing -- but wait. Consider that we have a GOP majority. Will these stalwart and moral citizens deign to enforce the law against a friend of Donald? All bets are off when you consider the dismal lay of the land. The president was going to drain the swamp. He joins a long list of persons who pledged the same thing and failed.


Meanwhile, the president may actually leave the country to visit various spots where he will have many opportunities to wrest the attention back and possibly knock everything else off the front pages online and off.

He has been noted today for sending a message to Flynn urging him to stay strong. Meanwhile, Mr. Muellet, the Special Counsel, is starting his labors. He may have more leverage to compel Flynn to testify and provide evidence. We are in for a long drama.