In Montana, on Wednesday night Ben Jacobs, a reporter for the Guardian liberal newspaper crossed the line invading the space of GOP congressional candidate Greg Gianforte. According to Shane Scanlon Jacobs grabbed Gianfote’s wrist as he tried to turn away pushing them both to the ground. Mainstream media headlines read Gianforte "body slams" reporter. The false reports escalate from there. Perhaps somebody watches too much all-star wrestling.

CNN called it a body slam but ABC has taken it a step further saying President Trump is responsible for the incident.

The fact of the matter is Jacobs refused to listen or adhere to Gianforte’s request to see him later, or the second response to meet with Scanlon. The truth is Jacobs was basically harassing and assaulting Gianforte instead of using a tactful method like reporters used to do.

Network assault

The networks went on to say anti-media rhetoric was to blame; incivility to mainstream reporters was to blame for the incident. The only truth in this is how their “fake news” reports only cover the facts that fit their biased narrative.

Reporters Wednesday evening claimed that this “incivility” was evident by violent Trump supporters. Anyone who saw the videos and subsequent arrests of the heads of DNC-affiliated organizations that paid activists to start riots at Trump rallies knows the truth.

Actual incivility may be found on the networks, CNN, NPR, the Washington Post and the like.

The fact is over 90 percent of mainstream media reports on President Trump are and have been negative! This is not only astonishing, it’s tasteless, and hardly qualifies as journalism. The biased media reporting is obvious where well over 90 percent was positive under Obama. People that don’t see the bias have been blinded by it.

Remember how the media said Trump lost the election, a falsehood that revealed the true color of mainstream media.

Breaking news

On MSNBC reporter Andrea Mitchell called the incident “an extension of the President” even though he’s been on another continent all this week. She also referred to the commotion at the Trump rallies, again not mentioning that the DNC’s organization caused riots at Trump rallies in a vain attempt to derail the Trump express. It should also be mentioned that the Clinton gatherings were often smaller than a town hall meeting in attendance while Trump packed stadiums. Mainstream media failed to report the poor turnout at the Clinton assemblies. That apparently is a testimony to Hillary's failure because her people didn't show.