A professor of history Allan Lichtman has made a startling Forecast in his latest book. He has stated that the president Donald Trump will most likely be impeached. Earlier Trump was the horse nobody would bet on. All the political analysists and the Gallup polls forecast a Hillary victory. During that period, one man came forward with a revolutionary forecast. He was professor Allan Lichtman.

By a unique method perfected by him, the professor forecast that Trump would win the election. As forecast Trump won the presidential election. It was a stunning upset, and one has to admit that the professor was right grudgingly.

Trump remembered the prediction and after the election sent a small note stating" professor -congrats. Good call". The professor has now given another forecast which the president won't like. He says that Donald will most likely be impeached before the Congress elections in 2018.

Lichtman's forecast

Professor Allan Lichtman has been making predictions for the last 30 years. He has successfully forecast the winner of the presidential election nine times. The professor based his forecasts on a system of keys perfected by him in 1981. The same man has now forecast that there are good chances of Donald being impeached. The professor States "Donald Trump is more vulnerable to impeachment than any early president in the history of the nation."

The professor has now published a book titled"The case for impeachment." His views and forecasts cannot be dismissed out of hand.

If he was right nine times, there is a good chance he could be right even now.


Trump could be impeached as he has ascended a troubled presidency. There are acts of financial irregularity by some of his staff, and the Russia factor is looming over him. In case, at some stage, it comes out that some of his staff hobnobbed with the Russians and Donald knew about it, his goose is cooked.

This would be treason and many Republicans who don't like Trump may just about decide to get ŕid of him. As things stand, most GOP members would prefer Pence to him.

Donald may also get caught in a conflict of interest between his official work and business matters. Wiki leaks did mention that there is a thought among some Republicans to impeach the president, carry out a coup and replace him with Pence.

Last word

The situation is fluid, and one wonders whether Allan Lichtman will be correct the 10th time as well. One will have to wait and see how the events unfold. As per Lichtman, Trump's impeachment is not an impossibility.