Maryland’s Democrat Congressman Steny Hoyer is April’s recipient of (CAGW) Citizens Against Government Waste award. Hoyer won the "porker" prize for his ridiculous attack on the most pro-taxpayer budget proposal in decades. The 36-year "career politician" labeled Trump’s budget, “a hatchet job full of irrational cuts.” To put this in perspective Hoyer has never found a government program that he wanted to eliminate even if it meant wasting billions of dollars. Hoyer is the epitome of a Washington bureaucrat, he is the creature from the black lagoon in the swamp.

Hoyer's track record

This Congressman defends federal programs that have been identified by CAGW in the Congressional Pig Book, Prime Cuts, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the Congressional Budget Office, and many other sources as not worthy of taxpayer funding. The CAGW is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to eradicating fraud, abuse, waste, and government mismanagement. Now that’s an organization that truly works for the people, unlike Hoyer who would have you taxed to death.

Here’s only the tip of the iceberg according to CAGW on Hoyer’s projects that will be eliminated by President Trump:

  • The Community Development Block Grants, $3 billion where even the Obama White House said outcomes are very often difficult to measure and evaluate.
  • The Economic Development Administration, $293 million which the Government Accountability Office discovered this program had no effect on employment.
  • The Essential Air Service, $150 million to subsidize empty flights from remote airports.
  • The East-West Center in Hawaii, $16.7 million a program that has vexed the State Department for decades.
  • The Denali Commission, $10 million of which former President Obama sought to eliminate. Two years ago the agency’s own watchdog said it should be cut.

Need to cut taxes

Just observing these several waves of abuse of tax dollars is enough to boil the blood.

The Great Recession virtually eliminated the middle class leaving the tax burden on what’s left of us. So, as a taxpayer the watchdog’s are on your side so how can you dismiss their findings? If Hoyer’s not the worst porker of all he’s definitely the largest sultan of waste from such a tiny state. No offense Maryland but did you know how wasteful this man is?

Only a month ago President Trump created the White House office of Innovation, which is the first of it's kind. It was dubbed “SWAT team to fix government with business ideas and abolish unnecessary agencies.” The team will have broad power to implement successful business practices in an effort to shrink government. This new office along with the government reorganization plan are reminiscent of President Reagan's "Grace commission" which through an army of business leaders saved $1.5 trillion with their cost-cutting recommendations.

CAGW President Tom Schatz commended President Trump on his first 100 days in office. As Trump promised he’s committed to a more efficient, fiscally responsible, and frugal government. For taxpayers. this has been a breath of fresh air from the many, many years of bureaucratic mismanagement and wasteful spending. The prognosticators and pundits rant in negative terms about Trump's accomplishments; they cant’s dismiss the facts that he’s saved American taxpayers billions of dollars and is making the government smaller and finally more efficient.