Hello, Scorpios! Saturday is here! Great things on the horizon as you were born between October 23 and November 21. You are a fighter and everyone knows it. Today’s horoscope looks at relationships and perspective. Let’s see what the stars have in mind.

What to expect

Today, Scorpio, sometimes you have to go back to square one if you want a situation to get better. Don't worry if you wind up feeling frustrated or even humiliated -- you're don't need to prove anything to anyone. If the goal is to have a solid foundation on which to rebuild, it will be well worth it!

The stars advise that you shouldn't get too attached to your professional past. You have to advance and you're too weighed down now. Let go!

Today, personal development is what’s it all about Scorpio. Due to the influence of the Moon in Aquarius, you may be feeling a bit introspective. But nothing is wrong with mental reflections, they are what cause you to grow and develop over time. They also allow you to keep your goals in perspective.

Know that even the best-laid plans might face some challenges and obstacles, especially if there's not enough money to see them through. That initial seed that you plant to get something going, has to be strong and solid enough to withstand the conditions. Therefore, rearranging some resources might be enough to do the trick, but it will mean making a sound budget and sticking to it.

Don't worry about it, Scorpio -- you can do it!

Scorpio, you seem to have your desires set on a special someone. Your charm and ability to persuade them is sure to work, just don’t mislead them or cause them to misunderstand your friendliness as flirting.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Scorpio, wear bright orange to benefit from the positive cosmic energies.

Today, you will have loads of interests in mind. Get into a sport which satisfies your physical space and time. You may also want to seek information on courses available in the city.

Your body and mind feel like unwinding so free your adrenaline by challenging a friend to a go-kart race.

For the older Scorpio, you can expect an important encounter or many conquests, especially with Geminis and Virgos.

Come out of the mold and try to get to know new people. Who knows? You could end up finding love.

Alright, Scorpio, that’s it for today’s daily horoscope. Thanks for reading and be sure to share this horoscope with a fellow Scorpio. Have an awesome weekend!