FBI Director James Comey left little to the imagination when asked if his agency was coordinating the Trump-Russia investigation with any federal prosecutors. His answer was a firm and swift yes. During last week’s public testimony, Comey confirmed he was working with the Eastern District of Virginia federal court, popularly referred to as “rocket docket” for their speediness. He added that he is also working with the Main Justice of the National Security Division. In other words, this sounds like code for “there is a grand jury underway” and “we’re looking into violations of FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) and RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act).

In fact, there are growing rumors that there are at least two sealed indictments in existence involving the Trump-Russia scandal. While mainstream media has not honed a spotlight on many things, many things have indeed been going. The so-called rumors may be more than that given the belated foreign agent filings of former Trump associates and the recent FBI raids in New York City and the Saipan casino run by a Trump protégé. Something is afoot. Former Richard Nixon White House counsel John Dean told journalist Keith Olbermann that Comey’s testimony makes it hard to believe there is no grand jury convening in Virginia. Other analysts have expressed the same sentiment.

We will eventually see what unfolds

It’s also not hard to imagine Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn being the small fish in the fire right now and once cocky Carter Page is behaving rather nervously and even stranger these days all of a sudden. PACER records show that the U.S. Government filed a case in the Eastern District of Virginia on April 17th and a RICO case was filed on the same day in the Southern District of New York.

Sealed indictments do not mean that arrests are imminent, but anyone named in an indictment can be arrested at any time. Indictments are sealed for strategic or legal purposes.

More captivating than a spy novel

Everyone now waits with great anticipation for what fired Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates has to say during Monday’s hearing.

As the president now tries to accuse democrats of being in collusion with Russia and some in his administration fight to minimize or even obstruct the investigation, new revelations keep coming and one has to wonder just how hot is it getting in Washington.