There is no doubt that being a woman is difficult. You may be good at handling your life, but sometimes you need some guidelines to make it a little bit easier.


Time to rethink your rights, your roles, and all the responsibilities you have, involving your friendships, family relations, children, significant other, or any other younger person in general, because your roles may be reshuffled today. It will take you several weeks to get things back on track but you will be very satisfied with the end result. Regarding your health and activity, you finally manage to take control back and realize just what a terrible position you were in for a such long time.

It was not only time wasted, though; you were making a relatively hard time in your life even harder. Fortunately, it may be finally over with now.

You really need to be more active physically, so you should not be idle or waste any more time, not even a minute. Today is the perfect day to pick up your running shoes or your swimming equipment, whichever one you prefer. If you are already in good shape, you can try a new sport. Keeping your health optimal is the most important thing you can do for your future self. You should pursue aerobics, pilates or acrobatic yoga to sustain your vibrancy.


You might have your own preconceived notions about what someone you love is or is not doing right with their life, wishing they would get more in line with your expectations instead of going off on a tangent -- as they might appear to be doing.

It may be good for you to spend some time alone today, quietly reflecting on these thoughts and your recent actions. Or, doing something that may allow you to have a good time.

This day is the time to really sort out your own needs when it comes to your relationships, and today is also an important time for cleaning up this part of your life.

Going away sometimes, spending some time with your inner self, and being by yourself is something that has been missing from your life lately, but it's also much needed for you to finally be able to love yourself again.

Remember, you are the only person you have to spend every second of your life with, so you really need to learn how to be the best company for yourself.

Being your own best friend will make you feel a lot better about yourself. You may be feeling even more detached from your emotions this evening, and therefore, you might be unable to spread your usual warmth and cheer. You just need a good night's sleep to overcome this.