Donald Trump has censured people for not achieving more Human Rights in the Muslim world. Trump has also declined to raise awareness on human rights now that he's in the White House. He seemed to prove that when he met with Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Monday. Trump invited him to the White House after the Egyptian President faced harsh criticism over his own human rights policies. Reports on al-Sisi include public torment and arbitrary captures.

It's not strange for a presidential candidate to be one way during their campaign and another way once they reach the White House.

They address the issues that people want to hear about. Once they win the election, they suddenly find subtlety in inhumane foreign policies. Despite that fact, the meeting with al-Sisi appears beneficial to both America and Egypt. The two presidents may not be cut from the same cloth but they do share common ground on wanting to rid their countries of bad people.

Situations stemming from the briefing

U.S. presidents are made to adjust human rights with national security goals. These battles often lead to the American government working with people who have horrendous human rights records. Human rights advocates are stressing over some of Trump's actions now that he’s in office. For example, State Secretary Rex Tillerson has yet to release the State Department’s yearly report on human rights.

Trump demands political privacy

On Friday, one of Trump’s advisers stated that he will move all advocate stresses to his background discussions. This also includes the ones surrounding his conversation with Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. He claims that it will diminish the pressures that accompany public scrutiny.

The adviser stated, "Human rights are indeed an issue of worry to the United States and they're most important in our exchanges.

Our approach is to deal with these sorts of delicate issues in private. And not only that, we want to do it more in a careful way. We trust it's the best approach in moving those issues to an ideal result."

This spokesperson's tactic was definitely used in the meeting between the U.S. and Egyptian president. When the media asked Press Secretary Sean Spicer about the talk Donald Trump had with al-Sisi, he said, "I'm not going to discuss what they talked about secretly. However, I will disclose to you that we acknowledge everyone’s worry. I think those worries are the sorts of things even I trust being addressed in private.”