Donald trump ordered a missile attack on an airbase in Syria. 59 Cruise missiles were launched from 2 destroyers stationed in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The attack was launched in response to President Assad's supposed use of chemicals to bomb his enemies. The Syrian president has denied the allegations. The Russians have supported Assad and claimed that the bombing attack by the Syrian air force resulted in a cylinder filled with nerve gas exploding. The Russians claimed the rebels stored the cylinder. They have asked for an investigation.

Missile attack

Without waiting for an inquiry, Donald has ordered the launch of missiles against Syria. It's a bit surprising that he took this step as all along he has been stating that America should not get involved in Syria. The attack has deep repercussions, and it looks like the winner will be the ISIS. The issue is compounded by a statement dished out the secretary of state that efforts will be made to remove President Assad from power. This is a new approach, and one can remember that the removal of Saddam Hussain and the Libyan Dictator Gaddafi led to complete anarchy in the region. It also resulted in the rise of Al-Baghdadi and his ilk. The removal of Assad will benefit only the radical Islamic outfits

Trump and terrorism

Earlier Trump talked of a joint front with Russia to fight Islamic terrorism.

This now appears remote. Russia has condemned the attack as a violation of the sovereignty of Syria. The Americans will now be more concerned with the actions of Russia and Asad, than with the actions of the Islamic state. Baghdadi and his team will be happy at this shifting in focus.

Many a time Donald talks something and does something else.

This shows he is an incredibly impetuous man. The attack on Syria appears to be a decision taken in haste. He has also bypassed Congress. The question arises as to what Donald plans do next. He has already damaged any groundwork for a joint alliance with Russia to fight the ISIS.

No lessons learned

Assad, in any case, was battling radical Islamic terrorism.

In the Middle East, any removal of dictators always leads to the vacuum being filled by extremist Muslim groups. This is the bane of the Middle East. The act by Donald has seriously compromised the fight against radical Islamic terrorism. The USA has not learned the lessons of Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He has reset the clock, and one wonders what will happen in the future.