President Donald Trump's first meeting with the Chinese president Xi Jinping was eclipsed by the United States military action against Syria today. They both dined together at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida while the U.S. attack on Syria was still operational. Two days back, there was a lot of hype created on the social media especially on Twitter when Trump tweeted that his first meet with Xi Jinping may not solve many issues rather makes it more complex keeping in view of his two executive orders on trade deficit which he signed last week.

United States - China bilateral relationship

Many have thought that this first meet of these both powerful leaders may strengthen the relations between the U.S. and China. But, all of a sudden, Donald Trump signed two significant executive orders last week that called for a comprehensive review of the trade deficit being faced by the United States since past few years and also a review of imports from countries that are considered to be cheating the U.S. trade laws.

The president also severely criticized many countries which hold trade relations with the United States of cheating foreign trade laws. However, Trump never pinpointed China in his tweets about these trade issues, but the two orders he signed last Friday seem to be targeting China as he clearly mentioned that his "meet with China would be a difficult one" as soon as he signed the orders.

In January, Donald Trump wrote on Twitter criticizing China of looting the U.S.: "China has been taking out massive amounts of money & wealth from the U.S. in entirely partial trade, but won't help with North Korea. Nice!", the tweet read.

The U.S. attack on Syrian regime

This is the present hot topic in the media which also overshadowed the Trump - Xi summit today.

Everyone knows that the president has ordered a cruise missile attack on a Syrian airfield named al-Shayrat. But, many people doesn't know that this is a counter-attack of the U.S. military forces against the Syrian government's chemical weapons attack which took place on Tuesday and killed nearly eighty-five civilians.

The Syrian government headed by Bashar-al-Assad has denounced the missile attacks by the U.S.

on their aircrafts. Interestingly, some of its officials said that the aircraft base destroyed by the U.S. military was used for defending themselves and protecting civilians from the ISIS and some other terrorist groups.