After Tomahawk missile attacks in Syria and deploying the MOAB - Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb - or Mother of all bombs on ISIS caves in Afghanistan, trump has set his eyes on North Korea, the most belligerent anti-US country to date. Now that Trump showed his aggressive military policy overseas, many are speculating on what possibilities could erupt after. This applies in particular as Trump parks the Aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in front of Kim Jong-Un's front lawn?

Increased threats of back-and-forth banter

Despite all the tension being portrayed in media on both sides of the fence, North Korea will be angrier at the increased presence of US forces in the peninsula, but that's just about it.

Even South Koreans, who are next door, tells the world just to don't mind the angry threats lashed out by their disgruntled neighbor up north. Indeed Kim has amassed a sizable arsenal of missiles for a local war, but it isn't enough to trade punches with the United States. Such an eventuality can be accurately compared to a high school bully picking a fight with the Terminator in a bad mood. Despite the number of nuclear attack threats North Korea shouts out, such an attack is highly unlikely, given the history of overblown propaganda made by the fledgling dictator.

Why is China so afraid of US-North Korea tension to escalate?

Frankly, North Korea is China's only regional ally and an overly dependent one at that.

Despite Pyongyang's over-dependence on Beijing, China can't afford the hermit nation to be destabilized by the US. The main reason is not due to the political weakening of China's dominance in Asia, but the threat of displaced refugees in the millions flooding China from the north. This will add economic strain on Beijing, hampering its desire to become the biggest economy in Asia.

Though it can't be denied that China treats the Korean peninsula as a "buffer zone" against the US, but Beijing fears economic strain more than open conflict. In truth, Beijing is more fearful of Trump starting the conflict with Pyongyang than Kim Jung-Un doing preemptive strikes against any US ally in the area.

Who would be North Korea's teammates when war does break out?

Though the possibility of war isn't imminent despite the news by various media networks, China would be Johnny on the spot alongside North Korea if war does breaks out. However, China would unlikely send its troops to fight with Pyongyang and would just stoically deny support for the US in the same manner as during the Korean and Vietnam war. Russia would also be against the US attack and but may do the same as China. North Korea, on the other hand, will start invading the South if war begins. Japan will most likely refrain from intervention unless it is attacked. In any case, the US will bear the brunt of the conflict if war breaks out, which will mean the loss of American lives once more.