As images of civilians -- men, women and children -- spitting blood and convulsing in Syrian streets crumbled by munitions began appearing on network TV stations recently, the folly of former Pres. Barack Obama’s failed “Red Line” foreign policy in Syria was never clearer. Obama falsely claimed he would respond with military force if the Syrian government crossed a “red line” by using chemical weapons against its people. When they did, instead of a military strike, Obama made a deal with the devil that stipulated that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would get rid of all chemical weapons.

That was 2013. Fast-forward to April 2017 and former Obama administration officials are admitting the deal was a farce.

Former Obama officials admit folly of 'red line'

“If the Syrian government carried out the attack and the agent was sarin, then clearly the 2013 agreement didn’t succeed," Robert Einhorn, Obama's nonproliferation and arms control consultant told the New York Times. The former Obama official now admits Assad either put some of his deadly stash aside or made a new batch.

While the media has obsessed for months over what many Americans consider to be fake news regarding Russia’s influence over the 2016 elections that saw the Democratic campaign's collapse on all levels across the country, it was Obama’s feckless foreign policy with Russia and Syria that led to the latest humanitarian disaster that saw at least 75 civilians die an excruciatingly painful death, apparently from sarin gas.

Obama also made deals with Iran’s ayatollahs prohibiting their manufacture of nuclear weapons that cost American taxpayers billions of dollars despite having little ability to inspect for compliance.

Regarding the use of gas in Syria to murder civilians, Michael McFall, Obama’s former ambassador to Russia, recently echoed the futility of Obama foreign policy.

“For me, this tragedy underscores the dangers of trying to do deals with dictators... including the Russians," McFaul told The Times.

Media fails to question Obama's deals with dictators

Certainly, the real question -- the question mainstream media should be asking former Pres. Obama is why he and his people didn’t suspect as much when they were in power making deals based on the integrity of Vladimir Putin and Assad?

Obviously Pres. Donald J. Trump is a much wiser leader than the easily duped Obama despite what "SNL's" mindless, never-ending improvisations and what mainstream media would have us believe. Trump’s Secretary of State, Rex Tilerrson, agrees with Obama’s former diplomats that Russia was either complicit or incompetent in removing Assad’s chemical weapons. Either way, Obama’s absurdly naïve leadership led to the latest chemical attack against the Syrian people – and what does that say about Obama’s U.S./Syrian immigration policies?

Whether naïve or incompetent, such alarming blunders in foreign policy mean Obama’s deals with other dictators must be called into question. He and former Secretary of State John Kerry blamed Congress for not giving him authorization to strike Syria in 2013.

The truth is, Obama's administration did not seek congressional authorization for strikes in Libya and Yemen before air strikes because such authorization was not required.

Mainstream media is wasting its own credibility by critically appraising Trump’s foreign policies while drawing a journalistic red line to protect Democrats and Obama’s failed policies. Old-school, mainstream media does not have the right to draw a red line to protect the Democratic Party from good journalism.