The end of World War Two saw the United States emerge as the most powerful nation on earth. This was also the time when America came Face To Face with its first adversary in the form of communism. America's first clash with communism started in 1950 when they entered the war against the communist North. The Korean war lasted 3 years and ended in a stalemate with the US Army unable to beat the communists and liberate North Korea. This was also the period when for the first time, America came face to face with an insurmountable internal political problem.

General McArthur wanted to nuclear bomb China. Truman initially was willing but Churchill was not in favor. This led to a policy paralysis and led to the sacking of general McArthur. The war in Korea and inability to force a win told on the American psyche. Henceforth the Americans decided not to confront the bigger powers like China and Russia. They concentrated on attacking smaller nations where they could win an overwhelming victory.

The question of China

A look at the last 60 years after the end of the Korean War will show that America normally will attack weaker nations but balks at attacking a stronger nation. Hysteria is being built up over the nuclear arsenal being developed by North Korea.

But one fails to understand that when China was going nuclear in 1964, why the USA never intervened to stop China from becoming a nuclear power. Even now successive US presidents have not confronted China in its power drive in the South China Sea. President Duterte was correct when he said that the US resolve to face China in the South China sea is suspect.

He went on to add that when China was expanding its influence in the South China Sea why did not the USA send 5 Aircraft carriers and stop the Chinese?

Letting Pakistan off the hook

Similarly, the Americans were concerned with the development of WMD by Saddam Hussein. They launched an attack on Iraq and the result is there for all to see.

They have however not attacked Iran which is also developing nuclear weapons. Americans also looked the other way when Pakistan developed nuclear weapons. No American president advocated the bombing of the nuclear facilities of Pakistan. This nation also sold nuclear secrets to Iran and North Korea.

American policy

One fails to understand that when America could allow so many powers to have nuclear weapons, what is the compulsion in making an issue of North Korea having nuclear weapons? America did nothing when China went nuclear. China at that time was the enemy of USA. No apologist for America can explain why China was allowed to go nuclear. The strident cry about North Korea becoming a nuclear power looks contrived.

This leads to the conclusion that the Americans would like to impose their will on small of powers and allow bigger power to go free. In this light, one can understand the rocket attack on Syria which is a poor defenseless nation which cannot react to America. Even if complicity of Russia is proven in the gas attack, will America mount an attack on Russia? obviously not because Russia can react back.

Last word

One can see that Donald Trump is talking about teaching North Korea a lesson but at the same time, he is mollycoddling China. He has forgotten all about the South China Sea Islands and the manipulation of currency. He is hoping China will remain a spectator when he bombs North Korea. He won't do it if China sides with the North.

Maybe he is planning an alliance with China against Russia. However, Donald may well be hunting with the hound and running with the hare. This will not benefit America and sooner than later the American status as a great power is bound to end.