Ever since I was a child, I lived for writing. It took me places I never could reach in the classroom or shadowing reporters. writing still takes me places now, like a manuscript for a novel or two. But what vexed me the most was when Institutions like journalism and education turn away from creative and brilliant minds to form them into brainless and empty people awash with the training of slavery.

Blank pandemic

When you write an essay for FCAT or it's comparators, an article for a newspaper, or a narrative for a multi-media story there is always a motive.

When it comes to these institutions of writing, these motives become chains and are a part of the web of writing slavery that is overtaking this country.

Where writing used to be creative, it is now bland and conventional. We are all taught to write the same and for others it causes them to go into the background and become part of a Berlin Wall of writers doused in graffiti and empty souls.

For me, writing is pure bliss, an escape, the creation of narratives that run through my head. For others, their true potential can be given to them by escaping the buy and sell trade of writing that other people have been using or are being used to get by in the world.

Revealing aside

In short, writing is not meant to be structured.

Somehow, it seems appropriate for those who criticize dreamers to take a pill and get back to work with writing what someone wants. You ignore what you are hearing inside you and it gets harder to ignore what you are or who you are the longer you are in the system.

To tell the truth in journalism is to write what happened or prove what isn't real for someone who wants to know the facts.

We can build a story based on facts, but we also use our voice and our enrichment of writing to get the point across.

As students, we focus on what is in front of us and what can't be there or what can't be heard. We should use writing to shape and mold not copy and paste. To be heard is to be loud and ambitious with the world. Don't hide and don't run. Let the pen guide your brain to the words being written.