Trump is like a deranged Don Quixote tilting at fantasies that are unfortunately human and subject to despair and pain -- the Undocumented. Trump wants police forces to help him expel Muslims and other undocumented souls regardless whether they have done anything wrong. He wants a sort of anti-immigrant police state.

This is the world in which no border should be closed instead of a Trumpian maze where billionaires can play golf while the undocumented tremble. We are not to the point of having open borders, of course, but following the Trump path will only lead to increased savagery.

The cruel reality

If you do not think that savagery exists in the world of the undocumented, think again. Donald Trump likes to cite terrible crimes committed by a handful of a population that numbers in the millions. But the condition of which I speak exists wherever ICE and other authority figures pull rank and address the fearful with the sort of language and demeanor that is standard fare on TV. This is a daunting index of how far we have already fallen. It is not universal but it is enough to strike fear into the hearts of those who through no fault of their own have become undocumented.

A ray of hope in Iowa

On this very day in iowa, there is some indication of opposition to the Trump hard line on the undocumented.

The New York Times reports that people are standing up to Trump supporting Congressman Steve King who wants the undocumented deported. Citizens are waking up to the Trump-generated terror of immigration raids on the innocent. One farmer says that without immigrants he could not get his cows milked.

Assimilation is a good word

One of the happy occurrences in Iowa is that some towns are finding there are no more immigrant neighborhoods. People are living as a community, Assimilation has taken place naturally and without incident.

Sadly for Donald Trump. assimilation is a bad word, sort of like Clinton or Obama or any other object of his suspicion or hate. Maybe Trump is a mirror for us all. Telling us we need not live this way. Let's let him know we do not hate or fear the undocumented. We are one with them.