Just when you thought the probe into President Trump's ties to Russia couldn't get any more boring and couldn't be any more of a dead horse to beat, James Comey all of a sudden made it interesting. No, not because he has revealed that somehow Russia made Americans outside of California vote for Donald Trump. No, not because he revealed a shred of credibility to Trump's claim that Barack Obama wiretapped him. It's because he thinks Hillary Clinton is the New England Patriots of American politics.

You gotta hear this.

In a House intelligence committee hearing in Washington on Monday, Comey said Russia hates Hillary Clinton the way he as a New York Giants fan hates the Patriots.

Not matter who the Pats play, Comey roots for the other team, just like he says the Russians root against Hillary Clinton no matter who she's running against. OK, the Russians are probably against any person who runsforf office in America, but the reason for his comparison was what makes this so entertaining.

Sustained excellence

Comey explained it by saying about the Patriots, "They represent sustained excellence, and as a Giants fan that drives me crazy." OK, so is he saying the Patriots represent 'sustained excellence' and that's why they are like Hillary? The concept makes one have a desire to post five laughing emojis in this opinion article.

Clinton vs. Brady

Is James Comey all of a sudden sucking up to the Democratic party because some of them are blaming him for their loss in November?

The Patriots do represent 'sustained excellence,' but Hillary not so much. As the first team to make it to nine Super Bowls, have a quarterback break the record for the most Super Bowl appearances and even have the kicker with the most Super Bowl wins, the Pats can make any Giants fan like Comey or Broncos fan like myself envious.

Of course, this doesn't really compare to Hillary Clinton's political record. The woman who had been known to the American people ever since the early nineties when her state-run healthcare idea was shot down by voters during the Contract with America and still failed in two presidential runs doesn't exactly have the winning record the New England Patriots do.

So, the Russians hate her because of this record the way Giants fans hate the successful Patriots? Yeah, right.

Does Russia care?

Who would the Russians really want in the White House? They most likely didn't care either way. Obviously, Donald Trump doesn't exactly have the most fierce stance in dealing with Vladimir Putin, but then again let's all remember the result of the laughable 'reset button' incident with Mrs. Clinton. And in all, does any American leader really want to give Russia an upper hand? It's quite probable that Vladimir Putin really couldn't care either way who won last year's election; both of them had some very serious foreign policy flaws when it comes to Russia.

A better comparison?

Would there be somebody who would be more comparable to a Tom Brady or a New England Patriots of American politics? Someone who was successful that everybody hates and also a person Vladimir Putin wouldn't want in power? The closest person fitting that description would be George W. Bush. Well, Democrats hated Bush just like James Comey the Giants fan hates the Patriots due to a successful record. Bush managed to win the presidency without the popular vote, achieved 90-percent approval at one point in his presidency and is the first president since FDR to gain seats in two houses of Congress during a midterm. And of course, Vladimir Putin waited until Bush was getting ready to leave the office to start his invasion of Georgia.

Much more successful political record.

Trust Comey?

First, he says he won't prosecute Hillary even though she was clearly guilty. Then he re-opens the investigation into her just before the 2016 election. Now he says she's the New England Patriots of American politics. What's next for James Comey? A proposal to put Hillary on Mount Rushmore?