The excitement for the Chicago Bears around this time of year is usually for me at an all-time low. The anticipation for the draft and the press conferences/radio appearances of GM ryan pace does nothing for me. What does get me pumped up is some old-fashioned free agent signings. The Chicago Bears certainly haven't made any real splashes but have put together important role players to provide depth and upgrade positions. This brings me to the Marcus Cooper signing. Now, Marcus Cooper had some troubling years while on Kansas City, but made it back to a competent NFL player last year with the Arizona Cardinals.

His last year saw career highs in tackles and interceptions with four.

Feeling at home with the Chicago Bears

Now Cooper wasn't on our A list of free agents on day one, but after they lost out on them plan B seems to not look so bad. After Stephon Gilmore was off the table, Pace quickly turned his attention to Marcus Cooper. When Ryan Pace extended a three-year contract with $8 million guaranteed he made his decision in favor of Chicago. The excitement Marcus Cooper has for the Chicago Bears came when he first set foot in Halas Hall. He explained it all in a letter that he penned then put on Twitter to show the people of Chicago what he will do for them.

Refreshing to see genuine players

Tweeting this out shows Chicago Bears fans that we have a committed player in Marcus Cooper.

Players don't tend to do things like this. Usually, they will do ads in papers when they retire but not generally before the player has walked on the field wearing the new jersey. Cooper seems to be the type of player Chicago wants and can really get behind. They will have a long way to go next year coming back from a 3-13 record.

Seeing letters like this one should fill you with at least a small amount of hope, that Ryan Pace is finally bringing in more quality players. Marcus Cooper's execution on the field this year could help the Chicago Bears finally make it to the next level this city needs.