Kellyanne Conway has perhaps always been a substitute president, a sort of Good Trump to the Bad Trump we know and either love or hate. She says whatever she needs to say to handle things. Monte Python should hire her and restart. She could be all the fixer Trump needs at a time when the media will spring for any half-baked, trivial observation to create a new headline.

Kellyanne is seeking to broaden the possibility that Barack Obama could have penetrated the inner sanctum of Donald Trump to listen to him talking on his phone. Obama would not have needed a conventional wiretap, she suggests.

He could have used any gadget, such as a microwave. If your jaw drops, join the club. This the level at which we now live. Aristotle is turning over in his grave.

The lowest common denominator

I do report when Kellyanne says Donald will husband through his defective health care legislation. I have also been careful not to associate Conway with truly malevolent associates of the president like Pamela Geller, hate monger, and Steve Bannon, also a hate monger. As the Good Trump, Kellyanne trivializes everything to achieve a clear and known Trump objective which is obfuscation. By creating a headline from an observation a five-year-old could have made, she helps Donald swathe his bilious attack on Barack Obama in a shroud of fluff.

Look at what she said

She is asked if she can say Trump Tower was wiretapped. She answers not yes or no but: "There was an article this week -- you can be spied on via a camera in your microwave." This is priceless.

She should get a raise. Someone is already doing a pilot called "I Love Kelly." But the purpose of this and probably why it is news is to add to the polluted air of confusion that surrounds anything Donald Trump does not want you to get too close to.

Will it work?

It will certainly buy time. It will keep reporters occupied. At present, there are some very good investigative reporters out there and one of them is probably ignoring the fluff and hot on the trail of whatever truth there may be.

That truth has nothing to do with whether Barack Obama did anything to Donald Trump. That was pure Trump diversion. The truth as always leads to a hotel room in Moscow and the tissue of lies that Trump tries to keep intact. Call it government by diversion.