2016 was a terrible year for Huma Abedin. The lovely 40-year-old lass suffered a personal defeat when Hillary lost the election. She was one of the closest members of Hillary's team, and that loss told on her, as she wept when the results were out. Close on that was the improper conduct of her husband, disgraced Congress man Anthony Wiener. She decided to part company with him and declared she was going for a divorce. Though Anthony wants to makeup, it looks that Huma is firm on a breakup. At the center stage is Huma 's son who is now five years old.

She wants to protect the boy. Now news has emanated that Huma was in the company of Tony Goldwyn. She visited Disneyland along with her son, and one can realize that for Huma life with Weiner is not the end of the world.

Visiting Disneyland

Huma went to Disneyland along with Tony who was accompanied by his daughter. It was more of a family get together, but significantly the wife of the "Scandal" star was not on the scene. This is enough for the gossip magazines to try and add 2 and two together. But it looks like that this is not the case, as Tony is a long time supporter of Hillary. The star also gave a speech at the DNC, and there are reports that Huma had visited the sets of Scandal to meet Tony.

Huma needs some emotional support, and this visit can be seen in that light.

Huma and Hillary

Huma is an eligible bachelor girl now, and she has a lot of appeals. Above all she is intelligent, and for that reason, Hillary has reinducted her. Things are looking up on that front as well. Hillary is planning a more active role, and Huma as her close confidence will be by her side.

So Huma is back in circulation and has a purpose in life.


Should we read more into this visit of Hillary's confident to Disneyland with Tony? Whatever the gossip magazines may say the chance of a close relationship looks remote as Tony is married for decades and is pretty happy. Moreover, he is no longer a strapping young man and knows the limits of a relationship.Huma will have more to do once Hillary gets to full steam. She will obviously have a man in her life later, as she is both smart and intelligent. We will have to keep watching how the future unfolds.